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Welcome to the Age Gracefully Show with Dr Michael Grossman, the well known anti-aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best-selling author and founder of the OC Wellness Clinic in Irvine, California. Each week he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best so you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

Hi, Dr. Michael Grossman. Welcome. We're going to talk today about reversing aging for your face. So, my specialty is anti-aging medicine. I look at people youthful in all kinds of ways. I want you to be youthful inside in your physical wellness, in your mental wellness, in sexual wellness, and in your emotional wellness. I want you to be feeling youthful in all kinds of ways. But, on your face, it's very important that you look and feel youthful - it makes you happy to have a youthful looking face. So, let's look today at what causes aging of the face.

Well, it used to be years ago - 1970s and 80s - we thought that mainly it was sun damage that causes wrinkling of the skin, and that was the main thing that caused aging face. That still is a significant factor you want to avoid excessive sun. And you certainly want to avoid sunburn because that injures skin and makes that wrinkly face. So, you've seen people who have really heavy, heavy wrinkles all over the face from years of sun damage. You see people who are smokers; smoking has a big effect to make wrinkling in the face heavy, heavy wrinkles. And that's all part of the antioxidant effect of wrinkling your skin. And we have a variety of ways of treating that and we're going to go into that.

But nutritionally, there are things to do. Vitamin C is very helpful orally and topically to help aging skin. Vitamin A derivatives rentin-A is a very nice way to help prevent that wrinkling of the face and these are natural ways to reduce the aging effect of wrinkling on your face. But there are other things that create aging of the skin besides this wrinkling effect of sun damage and oxidative stress on the skin. We have learned that a big factor in the aging process the face is the loss of fat in the face and collagen in the face. As we get older, we lose the healthy fat and healthy collagen that's naturally in the skin and that causes the face to sag. Because, if you glint the air out of a balloon, the whole balloon begins to sag and you get both wrinkles and that sagging effect on your face. And so that's something that happens as people age.

In addition, you lose bone. Older people have lost a lot of bone in their face, it's like they will... other place in the body, get bone densities, bone scans and measure the bones and see how strong are your bones. And older people lose a lot of bone strength; women more than men, but they lose it, too. We have a lot of things to help the bones to be strong, and that's that's a part of the aging process. And you do want to take extra vitamin D. We're going to take hormones. You want to take other minerals. There's a variety of different herbs to take it to a lot of work to keep your bones strong, and you want to do that. But when you lose bone in the face, you're also losing volume. So these are all the things that create the effect of aging on the face.

The good news is we have fantastic things that reverse that, and I want to show you a variety of natural ways to reverse the aging process of the face. So here's a picture, a before and after picture of the aging face. So here you can see what we have at the before. This lady is not old, but look how she's lost volume. You see these heavy nasal labial lines and her cheeks, she's lost a lot of volume. The cheeks more on this side than the other side. And then in the after picture, you see, she just looks more youthful and you know you're not sure why she looks so youthful. She looks so natural here because we didn't add volume any particular place. We added it all over the face, and it just pops out the face, blows it up like a balloon, naturally, just like it was 10 years earlier. And you see how naturally youthful she used. This individual, we used the Sculptra product.

Sculptra is a product that we use, which is a product of lactic acid crystals. You make lactic acid that in your skin when you exercise. When we have it in a crystalline form, we put it under the skin, it creates collagen around it and the collagen that it creates lasts about two years. And people love Sculptra - very natural, no side effects, very easy to do. And it's something I've done for well, almost 15 years. And people absolutely love the way it looks, and it's a very, very easy treatment just here in the office. We do the treatment, do the injections, we put numbing and/or just ice on it. Really, it's a very easy thing. There's no downtime, but it's very, very easy treatment.

So here's now another picture. This is a picture of lady. We use Bellafill. And you see it works very much like Sculptra. We just add the volume in a variety of places. So, she had these, really, we call, "marionette lines." I also put it in her cheeks; put a little bit in nasial labial. And you see, she just looks more youthful when we add these volume enhancers. Now, Bellafills are a little different than Sculptra. Bellafill is microscopic little crystals, not crystals, but microscopic little spears that the same kind of material will use in a  hip or knee replacement. And because they're microscopic, the body will put collagen around these little spears and the collagen lasts for many years. Generally, you say it lasts for five or more years, and it's a very, 'gain, a very easy treatment. We just are injecting this material in various areas around your skin and just blowing it up, lifting it up, making your face look more natural, youth and attractive. And these are very, very easy treatments to do. Everybody loves these treatments.

Now, this is another lady. She had a lot of loss in her face. You see her face and she had a lot of loss, and her loss, is again, it's not in one particular area. She looks kind of like angry here, but she's not angry here. She's just, that's just her face when she's relaxed. Always have people take their pictures when their faces are relaxed, when they're not smiling so we could get reproducible pictures. And the other picture again, she's not smiling, but we've lifted her face up so much it makes it look naturally more youthful or happy, but just gently more attractive. Very, very easy, very, very easy treatment. Now, we're able to treat people around the eyes. So people who have bags around the eyes, we use a different filler around the eyes because it has to be a thin kind of a filler. The eyes are very thin and there's not a lot of thickness to the skin. And so we use a different product that lasts about a year or so. But it makes a big difference. It makes a 90% better. Sometimes we do more than one treatment. We may do a treatment, then have you come back in for six weeks and do a second treatment that just sort of fine-tune it. This is artwork; this is not science. Science is about what you inject. But really, it's an artist's appreciation of what you should be looking like and how to get you back to looking natural. So I have a lot of fun doing this treatment, but this is really my... it's not really like working, it's really like just painting pictures. So it's a fun thing. I enjoy it enormously. Now this is a picture here of somebody who, come in and this is what they look like. And they did two things: they did the Bellafill, which is the volume enhancer we talked about, but they also did the CO2 laser. You see in this area that she has all these little acne scars, little indentations on her face, and they're gone over here, and they're gone with a combination of the CO2 laser and Bellafill. You see how her skin just pops outs, looks more youthful, looks brighter, looks smoother but it looks very natural. So we can use the CO2 laser for a variety of enhancements.

So let's talk about the C02 laser. So the CO2 laser is different thann the fillers. The CO2 laser works by, we take a laser and we put a pin holes in the skin and every posted size stamp of skin, we make hundreds of pinholes, hundreds of little holes and each hole in your skin, we vaporize a little bit of your skin. So, about 5% of your skin is gone. The old CO2 laser from 10 years ago, we removed all of your skin on your face and it took a month or two to recover and you might have down time where you never go back. You're full color in your face. You may get hypopigment - you may lose the pigments in your skin that looks very light color. We don't get any of that with the new laser. CO2 now with the pinhole effect, we get the same benefits of dramatically removing the aging process, because when we punch these holes in your skin, every pinhole, the new skin grows around it and the new skin is baby, youthful, tight, elastic, smooth Brazilian skin and your face just looks tighter, smoother, softer, less wrinkled and it's been dramatic for people, and it lasts for many years. So the CO2 laser is a dramatic breakthrough in producing skin aging, and I love CO2 laser. Again, it's very, very natural. You do have some downtime. You have 3 to 5 days of being kind of red like a sunburn, feeling under a little bit uncomfortable, and then after those five days, you don't feel anything, really, and then by two weeks you're looking better, by two months, looking better still, by six months, you're looking even better because you keep going at collagen, it's an ongoing effect.

I usually combine the CO2 laser with growth factors from the platelet-rich plasma that is concentrated growth factors that are in your own blood. We draw your blood, 60 Ccs of blood, which is like quarter a cup. And we concentrate the growth factors that naturally in the platelets that are stored in the blood. Whenever you have an injury, your body will create a clot and te clot then sends out a signal because the platelets released the signal that, 'Please, there's as an injury here, repair it' and the body sends in repair cells, stem cells, and repairs that area. When we send out that special signal after we/you do the CO2 and it just gets a super repair job on your face, just looks great. So these are all things that we do.

Now, some other things that we do, we have the IPL Laser (Intense Pulsed Light.) See, this lady has all these brown spots on the face from sun damage. We can easily get them to go away with the IPL Laser. This is an example of brown spots. You see, these round spots on her face. Here, you see that they seem to be mostly gone. May take one, two or three treatments depending upon the brown spot to make it go away. These are easy things. There's no downtime with the IPL. People really like it a lot for brown spots. Then we're going to show you this: Kybella. See this lady here, she has that youthful face. Everything looks good, but she just has this fat glob that hangs down. We can get rid of that. We can dissolve the fat with Kybella. Kybella is an injection of a certain material that actually dissolves the fat, kills the fat cells and the body absorbs it, gets rid of it, and then it's permanently gone. And you may need one or two treatments to get to the effects that you like with Kybella. Kybella can ache for a couple of weeks, not terribly painful, just little achy, 'Guess this fat is dissolving.' But Kybella is a nice way to get rid of that extra chin far. It doesn't get rid of the sagging, it gets rid of the fat glob, if you have a fat glob. For sagging, we would do the CO2 laser, which would tighten the skin.

So we also have other things that tighten the skin that use radio waves to tighten skin. And so that is also very hopeful way to tighten skin. So this gives you an idea of things to do to help your skin, to be more youthful. These are interventions that make a huge difference in your youthfulness, and men and women love this. You know, we could do botox, which is nice, because it takes care of the movement wrinkles. But to get rid of those other kind of wrinkles, we have to add the volume or do the CO2 laser or do one of the other treatments. With little fine wrinkles, we can use various hyaluronic acid kind of fillers in the lips or in other areas where you have finer lines and those are very effective. They don't quite last long, but very effective, look, very naturally, they do quite a bit of that also.

So this is generally a big picture. We want you to feel happy. We want you to feel young and we want you to look young. So if I have to choose from my side feeling young or looking young. I want you to feel young. But there's a lot of people who'd rather look young they'll worry about feeling young later, and there's no rules about this. So we want you to be happy. We want you to know the possibility that you have to make your life unfold the way you like it - to feel good about how you're aging and the process of aging can vary dramatically. We have the technology now, we have people aged in such a way where you feel young on going. It could be 60, 70, 80 years old and feel youthful and dynamic. You don't have to feel old. And you don't have to look old. These are great things to do.

So I encourage you to go to my website: ocwellness.com and look at all the things we do to keep you young. I have a lot of fun doing this. This is a really great joy for me. There's so many pieces that we have to think about to be well, to stay youthful. So come and listen more on every Friday at four o'clock. We can think out more of these wellness issues and reversing aging methodologies. And so I love talking with you. So do check out the website, and you can always call my office for an appointment to think out your overall wellness situation, 9492220232. It's a pleasure talking with you all. I look forward to speaking through next week. Bye for now.

Thank you for watching the age gracefully show with Dr Michael Grossman. Join us next week for another informative discussion to help you age gracefully. Be sure to visit us at ocwellness.com

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