The Magic of Peptides To Releasing Your Own Healing Power

Transcript of Dr. Michael Grossman discusses how peptides can do wonders in accelerating healing and how it positively influences collagen metabolism directly within the skin, increases moisture levels and prevents the formation of wrinkles. You may view the YouTube video here.


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Hi, Dr. Michael Grossman here. Welcome to the Eating Gratefully Show. It's a delight to be talking with you today. I just came back from Florida, where I was at a anti-aging conference sponsored by Biologic, MD. We had over 50 physicians there, and we heard the latest about anti-aging medicine what you could do to stay young. And a big part of the conference was talking about peptides, which is our topic today. The magic of peptides to release your own natural healing power.

Peptides are a brand new area of medicine now. And so peptides involve taking two amino acids or more up to 20 amino acids where, these building blocks of protein, when you put them together, they will send a signal to your own DNA. To activate different parts of your body to produce healing power. So, as a young baby you have enormous healing power going on and you just regenerate, create all this new body mass and strong healthy bodies. When you're 10 years old, you get an injury, 'Oh, it heals so fast.' Get to be 30, not so fast; get to be 50, doesn't do very well; 70, you're feeling old. We can easily add back these signaling peptides to tell your body, 'Oh, you should still behave more like a young person in this way, in that way.' And these are naturally in the body. These are not foreign substances. These are not things that are not naturally in your body, but they're just not being produced like when you were younger.

Growth hormone is a hormone that's produced by the pituitary gland inside the base of the brain, and it just goes down and down and out. The older you get, the less you produce and that's just like that with many hormones. We have the ability to give you growth hormones, which is very expensive, costs like $1500 or $2000 a month, and you can overdose on growth hormones if you take too much. But we can give you releasing peptides. These little signaling molecules that will tell your pituitary to release growth hormone. And you cannot overdose because it only produces what your body naturally will produce. You cannot take too much of it. If you take a lot, it does doesn't release any more than a very modest amount. So, we have several kinds of releasing peptides for the growth hormone that's producing the pituitary gland. One is called CJC, and we combine it with ipamorelin which allows this signaling peptide to stay in the act of range more time so that you get a bigger effect. We also have semorelin, which is a variation of the CJC, which can do the same kind of thing, and they each have certain advantages over the other, but either one could be very effective in increasing growth hormones.

When we eat... when we increase growth hormone in the body, you feel younger in so many ways - you feel younger in your brain, you're thinking, your clarity of your mind, your mood, your overall muscle energy, muscle recovery, building muscle, losing fat, sleeping deeper, more libido, better sexual functioning, you get younger in your skin. So many ways, you feel more youthful when your growth hormone levels are higher. So these releasing peptides are dramatic in making you feel better. But unlike other hormones like testosterone, the releasing peptides gradually increase growth hormone and growth hormone is not immediate. It can take 3 to 4 months to feel like, 'Wow, this is great.' In the beginning, you sleep a little deeper, but later you get the other effects off the hormones. So it's a more gradual effect than just taking something like just testosterone which gives you effects in 10 days. Now we have a variety of other hormones that are available now, which they're not actually hormones, we call them peptides, releasing signaling peptides.

One of them, it's called BCP 157. And BCP 157 is actually isolated from the intestinal tract. We get a lot of it in the gastric juices produced by the gastrointestinal track, and this peptide is very anti-inflammatory, and it signals the body to repair- to repair whatever's been injured, whether it's muscles or tendons and ligaments. And it also repairs the gastrointestinal tract from any kind of injuries. And it's a very potent repair, signaling peptide. So we use it in all kinds of problems and in all kinds of gastrointestinal problems and to help muscle recovery, tendon recovery, ligament recovery, cartilage recovery. It's been very helpful. We know that young people, they recover so fast, old people not so fast. So this has been a great support peptide.

Then we have another peptide called PT 141 which is a brain activating peptide that works on sexual functioning. We find that 80% of men who don't respond to Cialis and Viagra with the normal erectile dysfunction issues, 80% of them will do very well with PT 141 because the problem is a brain problem, not a local problem. And this has been very effective. For women, we find that 70% of women who have sexual dysfunction improved with PT 141 very effective. It's a natural compound. We have to be careful about annoying nausea side effects from this, but it's very effective. Another peptide is Thymosin Alpha which is secreted by the thymus gland; the thymus gland is in this area of your neck and upper chest. The thymus gland, as you get older, it just shrinks down to get smaller and smaller. And this particular peptide is very helpful in all kind of immune system problems. It boosts immune system, but in a way that balances it. So if you have autoimmune disease, it balances it, and it's a wonderful immune system booster and balancer, and it's been wonderful for all kinds of problems related to autoimmune disease.

Then we have another peptide called GHK Copper, which is a copper complex that is also produced in the gastrointestinal tract. And what it does is that it increases the ability to heal collagen and repair collagen - whether it's your hair, whether it's your skin,- it's fantastic for that. We use it topically right now, although we're working on being able to get it to use subcutaneously. But right now we use it topically for the hair, for the skin. It's been so helpful to repair any kind of skin injury, or just to keep your skin youthful.

So these are just some of the peptides. We have so many more coming through, and it takes time to get them approved so that we can actually use them. But I wanted to keep you up with the latest of what we're doing. So for anti-aging medicine, we have so many things that we do. We have all kinds of hormones that we use that we've been using for years, and we know that you feel so youthful from them. But adding on these these releasing peptides has been a quantum leap in the effectiveness of anti-aging medicine. And we can combine these things with the stem cells, we use stem cells for all kinds of things to keep you youthful and repair and rejuvenate. And it works very well to repair and to combine these things together.

So we look forward to speaking to you again soon. And for right now, it's Dr Grossman telling you that you can call me at my clinic: 9492220232, you can call me or you can go to my website and get lots of information of all the different various procedures that we do here. Well, thanks so much, looking forward to speaking to you again.



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