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Transcript of the world is in crisis! Dr. Michael Grossman shares his knowledge and expertise on how we can treat the Covid-19 naturally at home. You may view the YouTube video here.


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Welcome to the Age Gracefully Show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well-known anti-aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best-selling author and founder of the OC Wellness Clinic in Irvine, California. Each week he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best so you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

Hi, it's Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm an anti-aging physician specializing in rejuvenation, keeping people youthful. I've been doing this exclusively three. I love what I do. It's a real joy to be in this field. And now, in this time of the Coronavirus epidemic-pandemic, I want to give out some knowledge about natural ways we can boost our immune system and also talk in general about things that could be very helpful for staying healthy.

So right now I think that there are several very important natural mechanisms to regenerate your physiology and vitalize and rejuvenate your system. On one of the most important things is vitamin D. I sent out a letter not too long ago, but I wanted to send out a video for those who preferred video. Vitamin D has been known for many years to be a very effective method of maintaining and improving the immune system. Vitamin D for most people when we measure, it is very low. We say an average number is between 30 and 55. A little 30 is considered to be poor; it's low. And most people in America have low vitals. The average person in California, you'd think that we have a lot of sun then we'd have lots of vitamin D levels, but the average person is right about 25 or so. Because we don't get in the sun much, we don't walk around in bathing suits. We protect ourselves from skin cancer from sun exposure. We just don't get a lot of sun. So the average vitamin D levels are very low throughout America, I recommend most people need 5,000 IU of vitamin D every day. That's like most people need that. That's like a good amount. So you get above 30, you get around 50 or 55, that's an ideal level. If you go too high, you get above 100 then you can get some annoying side effects that can become serious if you maintain and take too much on a regular basis. But 5000 is what it takes for most people. So I recommend if you're not taking any vitamin D, take 5,000 a day and get your levels checked. There's a blood test. After about four months, it takes a while to build up the levels. If you're on Vitamin D now, you're not taking 5,000, make sure you know what your blood levels are. Most people need 5,000. Many levels check once a year, so you know what your levels are long term that you're in a good range. I usually will have vitamin K, usually K2, to vitamin D, because Vitamin K2 allows you to push the extra calcium you're absorbing from the vitamin D into your bones and into your arteries that some studies that show people take high doses of vitamin D over pretty time. Some of them may develop hardening of the arteries more than they otherwise would. So you take vitamin K that prevents that from happening. So I suggest that you take that vitamin D with K2 - the amount I like is 180 micrograms. There's a particular kind of vitamin K brand called K-Force by Ortho Molecular that I provide for my patients that I'm happy to have you take that brand, but any of the brands that have that amount would be good.

The next thing we should think about is zinc. Zinc is so critical to preventing viral infections, and we have in many of the zinc lozenges, good effects that has been shown for years to help cold viruses. Vitamin D, taking vitamin D, you should take between 25-55 milligrams per day of vitamin [pause:5:05] and that could be taken as a tablet, and there are many different brands you can take. Some of them are better than others. Zinc Glycinate is probably better to absorb, but they all work. So you want to get zinc tablets to have that amount of vitamin D. Don't take more than 75 milligrams of zinc every day because that will give you too much zinc. You need to balance out zinc and copper. You don't want to imbalance it too much. Multivitamins may have some amount of zinc and a little bit of copper. You're going to see how much is in there. You may need to take more zinc. Now let's think about other things you can take that will boost up your immune system.

My favorite is Colostrum. Colostrum is what Mother's milk contains. So when you have mother's milk for a newborn baby, it releases growth factors that turn on the baby's immune system. Because a newborn baby, the immune system is not hired to do any work so far. They've just been in the womb. There's nothing going on there. Bring them outside, there's lots of things happening in the world of viruses and bacteria and yeast and etc. So the newborn baby's immune system is turned on by the colostrum, and what we have now is many products which takes the colostrum from high Cal Colostrum was identical to human colostrum, and you can take this colostrum and boost your own immune system. It's very effective. There are many different products that we have many different brands that have this colostrum and some of my favorite ones is Ortho Molecular makes an IgG protect; Designs for Health makes Technocell; NuMedica makes immuno G pRp. So these are all different brands you can take. Some of these brands are harder to get because most of these companies I mentioned now will only sell to help practitioners. Welcome to call my office will help you to get that. You can also get transfer factor. I love transfer factors by a company called 4Life. The number four and then life. They make a very nice colostomy product and you can buy that over the Internet, the dosage of this could vary. Read what's on the label. I would take what's on the label for prevention when you actually have an infection, you can double or triple the dose, temporarily spread it out through the day, then take it two or three times a day. And that's going to be very important to boost your immune system and off these viruses.

Beta glucan, is a product that's made from the cell walls of Baker's yeast, and this particular strain of baker's yeast increases white blood cells and mobilize the key immune cells to fight off any kind of infection, certainly respiratory infections. And this is a very effective booster of the immune system. Some brand names are: ImmunoMed by New Medica and Wholemune by Ortho Molecular. Now some other products you can take are turmeric. The turmeric I like the most is one that's called whole matrix, which is the whole matrix of the of the turmeric rather than just taking out a certain part of the turmeric curcumin and the whole matrix boosts the immune system in many different ways, it reduces inflammation, as well as boosts immune system. And this is something that could be very, very helpful to fighting off this virus and a particular brand that I like is by Ortho Molecular called Turiva.

Now, there are many different herbs that we can use that have been shown over a long period of time many, many years to fight off viruses and boost immune system. Many different botanical extracts, herbal extracts. We have black elderberry; we have a astragalus; we have echinacea; we have andrographis; we have a licorice root. And all these extracts have been used for years to boost immune system. Then had many, many studies to show how effective it is. Now, these you can find all over in all the health food stores on the Internet, and every brand has their own claims of how effective it is. I will tell you that it doesn't matter which brand you get because the effectiveness of these herbs vary a lot, depending upon the brand. My favorite brand is by Ortho Molecular, Viracid, it may or may not be available. Another brand is Echinacea Synergy by Metagenics. So this is something that you really should have, and you can use it both for prevention and actually for treatment. Now, Mushroom-X, is helpful for the immune system. Mushroom extracts really do a lot to boost immune system and there are so many different mushroom extracts that do that. One brand that I like by Metagenics is called Mycotaki. A very, very helpful immune system booster that has been very well researched.

Now, there's so many other things you should be doing to stay healthy at this time. Stress is a big issue. You need to get enough sleep and enough rest. The immune system goes way down when you're under stress, you need to be rested. You need to get enough sleep. So be careful that you don't press yourself to do too much. When you're feeling tired, take a rest, take a nap, take a rest. I highly suggest meditation for resting. I have been teaching meditation for 40 years and I teach a very easy but yet very deep kind of meditation where you feel deeply resting. When you meditate, you rest twice as much as when you're sleeping. And we have many studies to indicate that we can measure oxygen consumption when you're sleeping; it gradually goes down a tenth of the night. When you meditate within minutes, you're breathing less and you're using up much less oxygen because your body is resting. When you rest really deeply, you're throwing off stress, you're feeling rejuvenated, your body purifies itself. Everyone needs to meditate on a regular basis. If you don't sleep for two or three days, you feel really bad. If you don't sleep for one night really well, you feel bad the next day, too; in three days, you're psychotic. You need to rest. Meditation is a great immune system booster. There's so many studies showing that people who meditate, they don't get sick as much, they don't get infections as much. So I encourage you to meditate. I'm going to be teaching an online meditation class. You can go on to my website:, and it'll have the schedule of meditations and the link to get into meditation, that's, and you'll see on the website how to get into the link to get into the meditation class. We're doing it Sundays at 12:30 in the afternoon, Pacific Standard Time and we're doing it 7:30 Pacific Standard Time Thursday nights. So come and join us there.

Now, the other thing you do to reduce stress -my wife and I run classes on marriage all the time, we've written a book on marriage called, "The Marriage map," We're going to teach some classes; all these classes are free. Meditation is free, and we're going to do a class on parenting: How to Parent Without Arguing. Real important to keep the stress level down, particularly women all at home now. It will be a very, very helpful class. My wife is such an expert at doing this. She's been doing this for 35 years, and she even presses me with her knowledge about how to make this work. So I encourage you to come and listen to our class, go on the website. We're going to decide in the next day when the class will be. It's now March 23rd 2020 and we'll have a little list of the classes there. We'll do other classes to stop talking with your partner, how to avoid upsets over money, keys to good sex, and other kinds of topics. So come and join us. And my office is in Newport Beach, California. We are seeing patients now, but most of them are over the phone or over the video. But you're welcome to call the office and if you have more questions and things, we're happy to think some things out. If you want to order some products, let us know. And the office phone number's 949.222.0232. So once again my website, Look forward to interacting with you all. Stay well. God bless you all. Thank you.

Thank you for watching the Age Gracefully Show with Dr. Michael Grossman. Join us next week for another informative discussion to help you age gracefully. Be sure to visit us at



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