OC Wellness Review

I have seen Dr. Grossman for over two years. I came because of problems with extreme fatigue and inability to my regular exercise program, decreased libido and decreased sexual functioning. Since seeing Dr.Grossman, I started testosterone therapy as well as nutritional supplements. I have regained libido and sexual functioning, muscle strength and endurance. I have been able to reduce my cholesterol medicine and reverse a diabetic tendency and have lost weight and gained muscle. I feel great, my memory has improved and I generally feel 10 years younger. – Paul H.

OC Wellness Review

I was introduced to Dr. Grossman about 5 years ago and can not imagine going to any other doctor but him since then. His professionalism and kind personality was the first thing that impressed me about him. After that, every experience that I had with him and his office has been nothing less than impeccable and wonderful. He is truly your old fashion doctor and by that I mean that he is there to help you the best way he can.

Money is not what is important. Unfortunately, today many doctors only worry about the bottom line and that is not Doctor Grossman. There have been times that I took up his appointment time and wanted to do a certain procedure and he has sat there patiently to explain to me why it would not be to my best interest to do it and has sent me home. I don’t think that there is any doctor out there that would turn away good business even if the client does not need it.

He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and shares that knowledge with his patients and educates them to their best interest. I have sent over 25 of my friends and family to his office and not one has ever had a complaint. They all rave about him and his staff and have become permanent patients. I recommend him with full confidence to any person that wants amazing results, great service and a doctor that truly cares about your best interest. – Natasha O.