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Are you bothered by a penile curvature associated with Peyronie’s disease? Michael J. Grossman, MD, is a top-rated regenerative medicine specialist at OC Wellness: Michael Grossman, MD in Newport Beach, California. He has noted significant success in treating patients who have Peyronie’s with GAINSWave®. It’s a painless, nonsurgical therapy that has no side effects and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Call the office to book your appointment.


What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s causes a curvature in an erect penis that might worsen with age but tends to stabilize over time. If the bend is significant, men can experience severe pain with an erection and may be unable to participate in sexual intercourse due to the curvature.

The unusual shape of the penis can also cause anxiety and stress, which may interfere with sexual relationships. Peyronie’s can develop gradually or may occur suddenly. It’s most prevalent in men over 55 but can occur at any age.

What causes Peyronie’s?

Peyronie’s develops when fibrous scar tissue (plaques) form inside the penis. This buildup of scar tissues pulls the penis out of its normal alignment. You can typically feel these plaques under the skin of the penis as small, hard bumps or a rigid band of tissue.

It’s not clear what causes these plaques to form. Some men experience the issue after an accident or injury to the penis, but many men develop the condition without experiencing a known injury or other trauma.

It’s possible that athletic activities or even rough sex could play a role. But many men who participate in rough sports or sexual activity don’t develop Peyronie’s.  

What is GAINSWave®?

Previously, oral medications, injections, and surgery were all that was available for treating Peyronie’s. And many of these treatments only provided minimal relief or, in the case of surgery, resulted in visible shortening of the penis.

New technology provided by the GAINSWave® system offers a painless, quick, and effective answer to Peyronie’s and the erectile dysfunction that accompanies it.

GAINSWave is a small device that produces high-frequency sound waves. As it’s moved across the surface of the penis, the acoustic waves bounce against the inner tissue structures and break up the plaques or scar formation that’s causing the penile curvature. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a treatment.

Before you decide to have surgery for your Peyronie’s or simply try to live with the dysfunction, schedule a visit with Dr. Grossman to discuss GAINSWave treatment for penile curvature. Call the office or book your visit online.