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Having difficulty with soft erections or less penile sensitivity than you’d like during sexual intercourse? Consider the P-Shot®. Michael J. Grossman, MD, is a top-rated regenerative medicine and anti-aging specialist who considers the P-Shot one of the most successful regenerative therapies available for male sexual dysfunction. He often encourages patients at his busy medical practice, OC Wellness: Michael Grossman, MD in Orange County, Newport Beach, California, to consider the benefits of the P-Shot. It’s an effective therapy with no drugs, surgery, or pumps required. Call the office to book your appointment.

P Shot

What is the P-Shot®?

Short for Priapus Shot®, the P-Shot is a therapeutic solution for restoring the loss of optimal sexual function due to aging, diabetes, heart disease, and other medical concerns. It’s delivered via injection and contains platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The therapy provides an abundance of powerful but naturally occurring growth factors and other substances that help rebuild and rejuvenate damaged tissue in the penis.

What can the P-Shot do for me?

Everyone responds differently, but most men reported that the P-Shot:

  • Increased the firmness of their erections
  • Increased penile length and girth by an inch or more
  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Improved their sexual stamina
  • Enhanced sensation, pleasure, and appearance

What is the P-Shot procedure like?

Dr. Grossman first withdraws a small sample of blood from your arm, which he uses to create the PRP injection. He places the blood in a special machine called a centrifuge that spins rapidly enough to separate the platelets and plasma from other components in your blood.

This solution is then delivered immediately via two injections into your penis. Dr. Grossman uses very small needles for the injections and further eliminates any possible discomfort by numbing the sites first with a topical anesthetic cream.

You may notice slight bruising at the injection site that typically fades very quickly. Otherwise, there are no adverse side effects linked to the P-Shot, and there’s no recovery time necessary following the procedure.

Is the P-Shot safe?

It’s considered a very safe procedure, especially since the injection material comes from your own blood. That essentially eliminates the risk of allergic reaction or intolerance. Also, Dr. Grossman is one of a select group of physicians who have been trained, certified, and licensed to perform the procedure.

How long before I see results?

Many men notice positive changes almost immediately and certainly within three to four weeks. But you can expect the improvements to continue for up to 12 weeks as your body repairs damaged tissue, grows new blood vessels, and improves circulation within the penis. As this change progresses, you’ll notice firmer, longer-lasting erections and increased sexual pleasure.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Grossman today to discuss the P-Shot and what it can do for your sexual function.