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What is the PRIapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot® is designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men, especially those who have lost function due to aging, diabetes, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, other conditions such as hardening of the arteries.                       The Priapus Shot® procedure begins with a quick and easy blood draw. Then, using a proprietary technique, the growth factors of your platelet-rich plasma are extracted from your blood sample and injected into two areas of the penis that are most important for the sexual response. These areas are numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection, so you feel little or no discomfort during the procedure.

How does Priapus Shot® Work?

The natural serum that produces the effects of the Priapus Shot® is known as the platelet rich fibrin matrix or PRFM. The treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform using a tiny needle (a topical anesthetic makes the process virtually painless). The resulting benefits typically include tissue growth that increases the length and girth of the penis, growth of new blood vessels and improved circulation within the penis, stronger erections, increased sensation and pleasure and enhanced sexual performance. Many of these benefits are experienced immediately after receiving the injection. And, because the treatment uses the patient’s own enriched blood enriched plasma, it is non-allergenic and free of harmful side effects.


Although each man’s experience varies, most men report these benefits following the procedure and post-treatment protocol:

  • Increases firmness of erection
  • Increases penile length up to one inch or more
  • Increases penile girth up to one inch or more
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Improved sexual capabilities
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Increases sensation and pleasure
  • Enhanced appearance


How do you know if the p-Shot® is right for you?

At OC Wellness, Dr. Grossman offers patients interested in the Priapus Shot® a free consultation to discuss the best treatment plan to meet their needs.

Dr. Grossman is among a select number of physicians trained, certified and licensed to administer this innovative new treatment that uses the patient’s own blood platelets to activate growth factors that rejuvenate the penis, allow more blood flow to the organ, enhance nerve sensitivity, and deliver enduring improvement in sexual function. . Dr. Grossman specializes in helping each patient find a treatment plan that optimally suits their needs and desires.

Schedule your free P-Shot® consult with Dr Grossman today! (949)222-0232.