THE MARRIAGE MAP: The Road to Transforming your Marriage from Ordeal to Adventure.

Barbara Grossman, PhD and Michael Grossman, MD




Michael Grossman, M.D. &  Jodi Jones, Ph.d.


Through both personal and mythological stories, authors Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman share themselves deeply and honestly in order to inspire you to create and maintain your romantic partnership.

As you share their journey, you will discover the path that will lead you out of the power struggle in your own marriage to a new life of adventure, which will enhance your relationship and satisfy cherished dreams


"The Marriage Map is a rich and sophisticated presentation of the stages of individual development and how it impacts married life.”

New York Times bestselling author Daniel G. Amen, M.D

"The Marriage Map is a road map for creating and maintaining a healthy, enduring, and still romantic relationship ... nicely balanced so that its readers can identify with the wife, the husband, or both. The authors` advice is practical, funny, and wise." 

- Author Stanley Krippner Ph.D


Top Ten Tips to Optimum Health and Vitality from Michael Grossman, M.D., and Jodi Jones is the first practical book to pull together all of the key elements necessary for extending and improving one’s quality of life – from nutrition, supplementation, and exercise to managing stress and creating loving relationships.

The book offers the authors’ “top ten tips” in each of ten key areas, and presents its often-surprising findings in a non-technical, highly readable format. In its pages, readers will discover the latest medical breakthroughs in conquering fatigue, balancing the immune system, and optimizing health and vitality.

Top Ten Tips to Optimum Health and Vitality targets baby boomers who are health-conscious, those who are open to making lifestyle changes to battle the onset of aging-related diseases, and those who simply want to feel younger, look younger, and stay younger.

The Long Awaited Arrival is Now Available:

The Magic of Stem Cells

Activating Your Own Healing Power

Stem cells from your own body fat is the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine. With a simple office procedure and simple injections an individual can repair and regrow injured or aged body parts and avoid surgery.

This technology allows people to repair their brain, muscles ligaments, cartilage, heart, lungs, kidney and many other tissues. Once Americans had a go overseas to get this technology, but it's now available in the United States. Michael Grossman, MD is one of the leaders in this field of regenerative medicine. Dr. Grossman practices in Irvine California and has successfully treated people who had no hope for improvements. He has saved many people from joint replacements. Dr. Grossman lectures extensively on nutritional approaches and Bio-Identical hormone replacement as well as the clinical applications of stem cell therapy.

Written with empathy and clarity by a leading stem cell clinician, this book is a reminder that we have entered a whole new era of medicine.
— Elliot Lander MD, Co-Founder of Cell Surgical Network