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Michael Grossman MD & Barbara Grossman PhD will host an informative evening to describe the inevitable stages of love over a lifetime and the skills you need to navigate through these changes.

Dr. Michael is an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement and staying youthful. He is the author of The Vitality Connection: 10 Practical Ways to Optimize Health and Reverse the Aging Process. He believes staying youthful involves bioidentical hormone replacement, regular exercise, good nutrition and healthy romantic relationships.

Dr. Barbara is a PhD marriage counselor with over 60,000 hours of counseling. Drs. Michael & Barbara are the authors of The Marriage Map: Three Keys to a Fulfilling Romantic Partnership.

For over 25 years they have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. They have TV appearances on -:

CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW.

In this evening you will learn:

  • How to reignite love and passion even if it’s been gone for a long time.
  • Why arguing NEVER leads to more intimacy and what to do about it.
  • How to get your partner to treat you the way you want to be treated without being demanding and controlling.
  • How to inspire your partner to WANT to do things for you.
  • Secrets to deeper intimacy without years of psychotherapy or marriage counseling.

There are 3 secrets you need to be in love forever.

These 3 secrets will change how you think, feel and interact with your partner and you will never look at your relationship the same way ever again.

We will walk you through EXACTLY how to learn these secrets in this evening.

You will know exactly how to create deep intimacy.

You will feel deeply loved, cared for and seen by your partner.

You will be confident in satisfying your partner’s needs, and get yours met at the same time.

No more tippy toeing. No walking on eggshells. No more guilt trips or shaming.

You will experience a renewed romantic passion, more fun, playfulness and partnership than you’ve had in years.

You are invited to this free evening event, but you must RSVP as seating is limited.

Email MGrossmanMD@bodylogicMD.com  or call 949-222-0232