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Marriage and Family Relationship Counseling Resolves Problems such as: Marital Conflict, Poor Communication, Parent-Child Problems, Co-Parenting in Divorced and Blended Families.



Dr. Barbara did her undergraduate work at New York University and received her Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York and her Ph.D. from the School of Theology at Claremont, California.

She is licensed as an individual, marriage, and family therapist. Her training includes pastoral counseling with ministers who are cross-training in individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling and family counseling. In addition, she worked with psychologists and psychiatrists in a hospital and a group practice setting.

Dr. Barbara’s background integrates spiritual and psychological perspectives. This integration offers a special contribution for maturing individuals and couples. She deliberately chose the marriage, family, and child counselor’s license because it represents a respect for the value of relationships in mental health and a desire to serve the purpose of creating good relationships. For the past 30 years, Dr. Barbara has maintained a busy private practice.


“I am the granddaughter and daughter of two divorced women. While my mother eventually remarried and enjoyed a happy marriage, I know personally the sadness and confusion of divorce. I watched this become a normalized trauma for American children and I see the consequences for our society. Some divorces are necessary. Many are not. 

Most divorces can be averted by understanding adult development over a lifetime and learning the skills that keep you connected no matter what is going on in your life. I work with individuals, couples and families to develop more authentic and wise partners. I inspire courage for partners to grow their relationship by expanding their vision of partnership. Nothing has brought me more joy and pain, and then abundant joy than my marriage. Learning how to be a partner and how to create a loving relationship that is both honest and passionate has been the greatest challenge and unexpected delight of my life. I want every couple and every family to have this kind of love. It is both healing and creative and it benefits everyone around you starting with your children. A marriage that grows through the life cycle supports great partnership as well as individual growth and creativity. 

There doesn’t have to be a conflict between being an individual and being in a relationship. My vision for American families is to bring understanding of adult development and the skills to catalyze this development so that our marriages grow and give our children the stability they need to grow up while their parents enjoy the delights of partnership with each other.”

— Barbara Grossman.


Dr. Barbara works with individuals, couples and families of all types to strengthen relationships and solve problems that arise from the natural course of couple and family life with all the pressures and complexities of the 21st century. Therapy is brief, results oriented and affordable.





"My wife walked out on me two months ago because she said I never listen or pay attention to her. I just didn't understand. I invited her to counseling. Now I understand, and our marriage is stronger than ever in ways I would've never believed."


"Finally I'm able to see beyond my struggles and my addictions and can be the man I've always wanted to be. I'm taking back control of my life. It's one day at a time."


"My ex and I have been over for quite some time, but our children were in such pain. We never realized that we were projecting all our anger on to them. This has been an amazing eye opening experience."


"Since learning the art of communication together, we are like a couple of newly weds. I did marry my best friend."


If you find yourself relating to any of these struggles or in similar situations, counseling can be the positive approach you're looking for. Marriage and Family relationship counseling resolves problems such as

  • Marital conflict
  • Poor communication
  • Parent-child problems
  • Co-parenting in divorced and blended families. 

Individual counseling is offered for

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger 
  • Grief 
  • Career stress
  • Sexual problems


Creating a fulfilling and romantic Partnership workshop, is a popular 8 hour course Dr. Barbara teaches with her husband of over 40 years Dr. Michael Grossman. The workshop shows couples new concepts and skills that enable them to shift their relationship patterns from power struggle into partnership.




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