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Hi, Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm an anti-aging physician, and we're here to talk today about sexual dysfunction in men and women and how we can treat it and understand why it's happening and what we can do about it. So I do a lot of work in this arena of sexual dysfunction. It's a very important problem. It's not just a feel-good-kind-of-thing. Your health is very connected to relationships. Relationships are foundational with regard to sexual functioning, so it's a real important kind of a medical problem.

Now, when we think about sexual dysfunction for men and women, sometimes we're misled to think that it's mostly psychological. But in fact it's mostly physiological. It's really obvious in men in terms of the physiology. In men, if you have diabetes or prediabetes, if you have blood pressure issues, if you have clogging the arteries from cholesterol and other inflammatory issues, the first area of your body that it effects is the erection functioning. For men, the smallest artery in the body is really the penile artery. It's a very tiny artery, and as soon as it gets a little clogged up work, things don't function like they're supposed to. So it's really like the canary in the coal mine that if your erection functioning is not working properly, then we know that you probably have other issues going on that are causing that to happen. And those other issues can be any one of those things that I mentioned. Now, one of the way that we know whether the sexual function for men is psychological or physiological is, 'are you having an erection in the morning.?' Most young men have erections every morning when they wake up, they have to wake up during the night, they're having an erection. This is not a psychological phenomenon. These erections are physiological. You're not getting excited during the night when you're sleeping. It's just a physiological phenomenon that you're getting from erection. So when it doesn't happen, it's because there's a physiological problem going on. Now, other issues that could be going on relate to hormones. So as men and women get older, you lose hormones - you're losing testosterone in men and women. And testosterone is critical for normal sexual functioning. So if you're 50, 60 or 70 years old and your hormone levels are way down and they're very, very low in testosterone, you're not going to have the ability to have an erection. And you're also going to lose libido.

So some men who have erection functioning problems will find that they have desire but the mechanics don't work, and other times they kind of lose the desire they just, 'Well, it's no big deal. I'm not so interested.' But the lack of interest is not a psychological issue. It's a physiological issue because you're losing testosterone. When you lose testosterone, you're also losing your mental enthusiasm for things, for conquering, for achieving, for setting goals, for feeling like, 'Yeah, I could do it.' That's testosterone. And that's testosterone for women, too. You need testosterone. No one really have 1/12 of the amount of testosterone that a man has, but they need it. They need testosterone to feel... So for women. There's a lot of physiological reasons why they can also lose the ability to have orgasm, to feel central pleasure. to find that their sexual function doesn't work. So for women on a problem with vaginal dryness and discomfort with sexual activity, because the vaginal lining is like the mucus lining of the mouth, and it's supposed to be nice and lubricated, and you lose that when you don't have estrogen, you don't have progesterone, testosterone, and the vaginal lining gets very dry and very thin, and sex could become very painful. That's not psychological. That's easily treated with topical hormones, rubbing it into the vaginal area to actually rejuvenate that area and get it to be youthful again. Now, for women, testosterone is critical for the desire. But for the actual experience of sexual functioning to experience orgasm, there's a variety of things that can be helpful from women. One of them is oxytocin. Oxytocin is very important whole month for women. When they produce oxytocin, when they... But you also produce oxytocin when you have orgasm. So for women and to a good extent, men, oxytocin can be very hopeful to have the ability to have orgasms. And it's a hormone. It's not a psychological thing. So that's something that for men and women to experience sensual pleasure.

Now, there's other hormones that can be very important. One is PT-141 is a peptide that releases hormones from the pituitary gland in the brain. And PT-141 can be very helpful to increase the experience of orgasmic pleasure and again, not psychological. It's a little teeny injection. You give yourself a couple of times a week, and it can really change the experience of sexual pleasure. Now there's a variety of other things we can do to experience and to improve, and we talked a little bit about it in the past to improve the experience of sexual functioning. We we can repair damage that occurs in male and female sexual reproductive organs over a period of time. So for men and women, sometimes it's just the aging process. Sometimes it could be some particular injuries, sometimes could relate to child birth, where things tear and stretch and get injured. For men, it could be a variety of issues that have occurred that create that inability to have orgasm and and lose the erection mechanism. Sometimes it's just the nerves that get injured for various reasons, and you don't feel the sensation that you used to feel.

So we have several mechanisms. One we talked about the P-Shot, penile shot - these are platelet-rich plasma injections. Take your own blood; we extract the growth factors that are naturally in the blood, and we inject it back into your body. It's not really painful, it is like a little blood test. It doesn't really hurt much, just little pinpricks. But the platelets are the natural way the body will stimulate your own ability to regrow and repair damage that has occurred, for whatever reason that damages occurred. The body doesn't care. It just repairs it. So we can inject it into the penis for men, including into the skin on the penis, to increase sensitivity and into the... create direction mechanism. And for women, we inject it into the vaginal area where the nerves are, which allow the woman to feel more pleasure and also inject it into the clitoris area where you actually have the increased in... and that's equivalent for a man's erection. The woman gets erect in the clitoris and the blood comes in, and then you could experience orgasmic pleasure.

So these are easy things to do that I do all the time, and it works 80% of the time fantastically well, and men and women really feel dramatic benefits from that, and it lasts for a long time. We also have the GAINSWave procedure that we talked about in the past, where we use some vibrational ways. Intense acoustic waves that vibrate the area very intensely, and it brings repair cells in the area. We kind of fool the body into thinking there's some damage occurring and the body sends in repair cells and it repairs. And it just rejuvenates that area that's been injured. Again, very, very harmless treatment, very, very easy. Now, other things that we do that can be helpful. We use the Viagra-Cialis type of tablets, which are not a cure for the underlying problem, but can be very helpful to allow the erection mechanism to occur, where otherwise it might not, even though it doesn't repair the underlying problem it does help to allow normal erection-function to occur. We also have what we call TRIMIX, which is an injection which will, if nothing else, is working, allow you to have an artificial erection, which could last for an hour or so, and it's a little injection that you do into the penis that can be very helpful, and we use this as like a temporary. It's a temporary thing while we're repairing the underlying problems to at least to allow the erection mechanism to occur.

And so I will end with this idea that the whole idea of sexual functioning is not just for your temporary pleasure, but it's actually physiological, very, very important for your health. There's so many studies showing that good sexual functioning in a healthy romantic relationship is the glue that keeps the relationship together. And it has so many health benefits for your blood pressure, for a heart disease, for longevity, for psychological health and well-being and it cements that relationship together. And we find that masturbation is not the same as sexual pleasure among a romantic man-woman relationship that's ongoing, where you feeling emotional attachment to the other. And it creates all these hormonal changes in your physiology, which brings about a huge amount of health benefits. So this is just to encourage you to be aware of all these options that are possible now with the anti-aging rejuvenative medicine approach than I do and is something that I encourage you to take. This information and consider, 'If this is going to be helpful for you or in your family, in yourmarriage relationship.' It's very, very important to maintain sexual activity to bring fulfillment in your romantic relationship.

So come and visit me if you like. You can call my office: 9492220232 and you can go on my website: ocwellness.com and see all the different things that we do and get more information. So it's a pleasure talking with you. Look forward to talking with you next week. Thanks so much.


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