The Magic of Stem Cells

Transcript of Dr. Grossman discussing the underlying foundation for regenerative medicine, which seeks to enhance your body’s own ability to repair and regenerate aging cells and tissue structures. You may view the YouTube video here.

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Hi, I'm Dr Michael Grossman. I am an anti-aging physician and we're going to talk today a little bit about stem cells. I've been doing anti-aging medicine for 10 years, and it's been a lot of fun doing this. The most recent development has been able to utilize your own stem cells to heal your body and repair things which otherwise might not repair. Stem cells have found all over your body any time you injure yourself. But that's how your body repairs itself. It uses these stem cells; these cells that are able to regrow and repair and redirect the body to rejuvenate. Repair any injury in the body and that you can repair anything- whether it's a nerve cell, whether it's a bone cell or a cartilage or a skin cell , a muscle tendon - anything can be repaired.

It's really dramatic. And what we can do with stem cells is that we can take stem cells from your own fat. We can take them from bone marrow but bone marrow, over a period of time and as you get older, you lose numbers that don't have this many. The fat cells seem to maintain their numbers over many, many years. And when we take the fat, we suck out little fat from your belly or your love handle area, and we then process the fat and separate the fat from the stem cells. And when we get to purify stem cells, we inject them back into your body. We inject them into your knee, your hip, your shoulder - anywhere we want to repair whatever the injury is of its cartilage, ligaments, tendons and nerve. It will repair whether it's lungs, kidneys, etcetera; it will repair those damaged areas. I've had many, many patients over the last four years who have come in and are told that they need to take surgery because they have to replace a joint because it's all (wounded/blown) and 80% of the time, when we use these stem cells, we can repair them surgery. And it's traumatic. You get better in two months, you're much improved. In six months, you're even more improved. And these improvements are long lasting. It's not temporary. These are your cells and you own it. Once you repair it, it's yours, it's repaired.

So, there's all kinds of injuries that we can repair. In addition, we can repair brain injuries. People who've had head injuries, concussions and damage to their brain. We can inject the stem cells into your veins and the stem cells go over your body and they look for something to repair. And they will go into the brain and repair the damage. And we've had many, many dramatic improvements in people who've had head injuries. It will repair inflammatory processes. People who have all kinds of inflammation in their brain, in the arachnoiditis and the coverings of the spinal cord, dramatically better. Now, it doesn't work a 100%; it works about 80%. And people are always thrill when they get these improvements, because the improvements, when they do occur, are quite dramatic. But it's not 100% as I said that, so we can't guarantee the improvement. But we pretty much never have side effects. It's rare. The only side effects we get is just from injecting something you might get pinched or a little swelling, a little bruising, but really side effects are non-existent.

So this is the story about stem cells. It is just a dramatic breakthrough in modern medicine, and we do have various options of stem cells. We can use them from umbilical cord. Also newborn babies. We can take the umbilical cord from their born babies and have stem cells from the babies, and this is not a bad option. There are some risks. You know you got a gift by infection, viruses and autoimmune reactions because it's not your cells, but it is very valuable to repair. We also have new products which are called exosomes, where we take growth factors that are found in the umbilical cord. And we could just concentrate these growth factors and there are no cells and they're just these signals to repair and that's also been very, very helpful. I usually combined the stem cells with platelet-rich plasma. In your own blood, there are platelets, which are the parts of the blood that create a clot and then release growth factors so that the body knows it's been injured, repaired this area and calls in your own stem cells. So we combine stem cells with these platelets and the growth factors to help to repair various body parts.

So these are really dramatic ways to repair the body. I encourage the office to find out if you'd be a candidate for these kinds of treatments. It's an easy thing to call. This is my book that I've written, "The Magic of Stem Cells: Activating Your Own Healing Power." You can find this book online. It goes into all the various aspects of stem cells. That is very easy. So call my office: 9492220232. Give a call. Ask them to schedule me 10 minutes to talk with you to see if you're a candidate for these stem cells. It's a pleasure talking with you. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Michael J Grossman MD

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