Staying Young With Bioidentical Hormones And Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

Transcript of Dr. Michael Grossman discusses how Bioidentical Hormones And Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides can keep you feeling young and youthful. You may view the YouTube video here.


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So here we are, Facebook live a little delayed. I had a little trouble getting it to collaborate, but we're here. So for those of you who are listening, it's a pleasure to talk to you today. We're gonna talk about anti-aging and reversing the aging process through bioidentical hormones and growth hormone releasing peptides. So, as an anti aging specialist, I've been indeed, in the aging arena for the last 11 years exclusively. That's what I do as a medical doctor and it's been a joy to being in. I've been a family physician for 40 plus years, 1974. And I love what I do! I've a lot of fun, and I really have changed people's lives. But since I've been exclusively involved in this anti aging process, the results have been just dramatically increases how much I help people reverse their lives and feel more youthful. Those of us who are getting more old in our physical body find that we have our brain just enjoying our life so much. But our body doesn't cooperate, and that creates a big problem that we feel, 'like, oh gee! I wish I had the energy I had when I was younger, because now I'm filled with so much knowledge and wisdom. And I have such a great appreciation for life. But I just get one out. I get tired.' We can reverse the aging process now. It's dramatic. It's not subtle; it's very dramatic. And we're going to talk about that today.

How do you reverse the aging process doing these bioidentical hormones and growth hormones releasing peptides? So what happens to men and women as we get older, our bodies begin to slow down in terms of how much hornones we make. For women... women go into menopause, somewheres between the age of, let's say, 45 and 55 on average, sometimes a little early, sometimes a little later. But when women go through menopause, it's dramatic. All of a sudden, or a year later, you're not making any hormones like you used to be, and then you get tired. Then you feel irritable. You get moody. You don't sleep good. You lose the physical endurance to exercise. You lose  the ability to enjoy activity. You lose libido. You're not interested anymore. This creates a huge problem in relationships, and the dramatic thing is that it's all reversible. For men, it's a little different. Men find that they lose hormones little by little by little, slowly over the years. They begin to lose their hormones. When they're 40, it's less than when you're 30. When you're 50, it's less than when you're 40. Or when you're 60, it's getting less. 70 is a lot less. So for men, it's not as dramatic, but it still has the same kind of effects where you get less enthusiastic about things. Less energy, physical energy, enthusiasm. You get less libido. You get much muscle, stamina, endurance and takes longer to recover from exercise. This happens to men, too. It's just slower unless noticeable than it is in women. For both men and women, we can reverse this whole aging process and to do it dramatically. We have a variety of interventions, but the most dramatic intervention is this hormone replacement.

Now, in 2003 there was a big study on hormones. 20,000 nurses - we measured how they did with hormones, and we found that gene, when they had hormone replacement, they were dying younger. They were getting cancer and heart disease at a much higher ratio than women who were doing nothing. And so there was a lot of stuff going on in the research area, and doctors were saying, 'Oh, women shouldn't take hormones anymore.' But the truth of the matter is, is that the hormones they were using were not natural human hormones. They were synthetic progestins. It's not natural human progesterone. Synthetic progestin is not supposed to be in your body. Now, it has a purpose and value if you're bleeding and you have a big problem. But for (?) and for hormone replacement, it's not appropriate. But really, the problem has been that the research had been done by big drug companies who had millions and millions of dollars in research and they look at the research and they said, 'Well, we can't tell the hormones it was that bad.' But over a period of years, it became clear. Now, when you give natural human hormones to women, they live longer and healthier than what they did nothing. Whereas if you do synthetic hormones, you die younger. So, that's like a huge change. It took a long time for the research to come out because who wants to do research on natural hormones? There's no money, and no one's going to spend millions and millions of dollars in research. But the research came out little by little, and that's what's clear to - the research is now that you want to use natural human hormones to extend life, and compared to doing nothing, you live longer and healthier, so there's no reason to not use natural human hormones. So that works for women.

Then we find the same thing happens for men. Then men will take testosterone, generally, and they get less heart disease, and they stay healthier and they are more physically active. So, it helps their brain both men and women. So for men and women, we find that these natural hormones, both healthy, reduce the incidence of heart disease and cancer. But it helps the brain; it helps you to have more youthful brain. It helps to keep your muscles strong and your bones strong. It helps all kinds of physical imbalances in your physiology. We want you to be using these natural hormones to extend your life. It's a really wonderful thing. So, the side effects from these hormones are very minimal. We do have to measure your hormones. When people come to see me, I measure lots of blood tests 24-hour urine test to look at hormone levels, so, I'll get all different kinds of things. So many different things we want to look at to extend and promote youthfulness. We want to check for prediabetes. There are a variety of ways of measuring for prediabetes through blood tests, and we can tell ways before you have diabetes that you're having prediabetes, and we can fix that problem. So, we want you to remember that there are many other factors besides hormones that affect the aging process. But the hormones are really critical because hormones will help to prevent diabetes because you have more energy to exercise, you have more muscle stamina, more endurance, and that's very helpful.

There's a variety of other issues that occur with aging that we can prevent when we talk about your bones - making the bones stronger. So, these are things that are really critical for your health and well being. And I worked with a group called biologic MD, which has has 60 offices around the country. And my office here in Irvine, California, is one I've been in for 10 years. And we do a great job off balancing your hormones in creating that reversal of aging that we're looking for. And so it's an easy process. And if you want to be involved in that process, you can call my office:  9492220232. They can help you and guide you through that process so that you can get started with these, bioidentical hormone replacement. I'll mention just a little bit about the hormones for growth; hormone releasing. So we have what we call - actually, hormones are really little peptides, a little protein that you inject. We have some oral ones that work, too. But I think the injections are the best. But what we do with the little injections, we inject it five days a week into the belly fat with so, little need (insulin needle), very little tiny. As we get older, men and women lose growth hormone production from the pituitary gland, which is supposed to be releasing it while you're sleeping. And as we get older, we use less and less of the growth hormone. So we find that it's less when you're 40, less when you're 50, less you when you're 60 - it keeps getting less and less and less. And the growth hormone is so important for activating all the other hormones in the body. It's kind of like the conductor of an orchestra. It tells everything else how to move, what the rhythm is supposed to be, what the pace of activity is supposed to be. The older you get, you just slow down. Everything slows down when you have more growth hormone, you have more energy, you have more enthusiasm, you have more brain clarity, you have better memory, you have muscle strength, muscle stand, endurance, libido and better skin tone. You sleep more, so you dream more to rejuvenate the brain. These are great things. Growth hormone releasing factors work slower than the other hormones - testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.  You do feel better in a couple of weeks; growth hormones are slower. It takes like two to four months to feel better. So, you've got to have a different perspective on how that is. But we find that men and women will take it, just feels more youthful. And the side benefits are just just enormous in terms of youthfulness.

So, that's a big picture of what's going on. There's so many other things that we do to reverse the aging process, but this is like a critical foundational level. So again, I encourage you to call my office: 9492220232 and you can go to my website: and you can see a whole bunch of things that we do to help you to stay youthful and to be younger. We have all kinds of things we do for injuries and for skin aging. We have all kinds of great things do. My wife when I run classes on marriage and relationship is such an important factor in staying youthful. And we're going to do Facebook live in just a minute on some issues related to relationship. And stay tuned, so, we'll be with you in just a minute. Now we're gonna do that, and that's gonna be on The Marriage Map Facebook. All right, you all, I'll look forward to seeing you in another week. Thank you all. Bye now.



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