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Dr. Michael Grossman talks about his speciality - Reversal of the aging process. This is his specialty and has been doing it for the past 11-12 years. He loves it! His job to make people feel 10-20 years younger and he does it everyday! Podcast here.

Welcome to the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well known anti aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best selling author and founder of the OC wellness clinic in Irvine, California. Each week, he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best. So you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

I'm Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm an anti aging position. And we're going to talk today about reversal of the aging process. That's my specialty. That's what I spent so many years training for, and now I've been doing it exclusively for the last 11 years, 12 years. And I love doing it, it's so much fun. My job is to make people youthful, make people feel 1020 years younger. And I do it every day. And it's really not difficult for me. And sometimes I press my patients to do different things that really makes a difference, but now I'm feeling youthful. So the easy part for me is to give people hormones to make them feel more youthful. As we get older, we lose so many different hormones, we lose testosterone, thta growth hormone pregnenolone. And women lose estrogen progesterone. And it's easy to balance these hormones out and replace them to more youthful levels and you just feel so much younger, you feel energetic, you feel enthusiastic, your brain is better, you sleep deeper, you have more muscle stem, and while the Mito, you'll just enjoy things and just feel younger is easy fix. Then we have some other things that are requires more of you, the patient, when you come to see me, I tell you that well, not only do we have to change the hormones, but now that you're feeling better, you've got to eat differently, you've got to eat healthier, you have the beginnings of diabetes, I can tell 10 years before you become diabetic, that you are going to become diabetic. And I can tell you what you have to do to reverse that. So you need to eat healthier, you've got to eat less sugars, less starches, like breads, and pastas and cakes and cookies, you've got to eat more healthy food, I can measure your antioxidant status, I have a machine that puts a light through your hand. And it tells me how many or how much antioxidants you have of, of carotenoids that relate to the general antioxidants in your body. And I can tell how likely are you to get to get cancer and heart disease and other medical problems because I can tell you're not eating well. And you come in and we score you we tell you how you're doing. That's not such an easy fix for you easy fix for me to tell you about that. Then we have other things again, that not so easy. I can tell you look, you're clogging your arteries up. Here's the test shows that your arteries are not doing so well. And I tell you well, let's let's try to make a change in what you're eating. And then I can give you different nutrients and vitamins and herbs that can help to stop this hardening of the arteries. And we can check it on a regular basis and see if we're making a difference. We have other mechanical tests that will tell us how you're doing and if you're being healthy or not being healthy, in terms of how you score on these different tests. Measuring vitamin D levels very important to have good vitamin D levels, you have to take extra vitamin D. and vitamin D is so important for so many things so important for bones for your brain, for the immune system. Important for preventing diabetes, that helps mood and we can just measure vitamin D levels. Now you can go out in the sun get vitamin D or you can just take the tablets that I'm going to suggest. So there are many different mechanical, nutritional herbal kind of things that will help reverse the aging process the brain you want to keep your brain young. If you start losing your memory that's like a huge thing. You know, it doesn't matter if you're physically healthy if you've lost your brain. And there's a lot of things to keep your brain young part of it is the whole diabetic thing. Part of it is the is the clog in the artery things but there are a part of it is the hormone things. But also part of it is is doing things that really use your brain so we know that when you're doing puzzles, me doing reading, when when you're trying to do things on the computer and solving different computer issues. Where you're using a part of your brain and makes your brain more active, very helpful for your brain, exercise and very helpful for your brain. Now, the most healthy kind of exercise for your brain is the exercise that not only gives you physical exercise, but requires you to think and to coordinate, and to interact with your environment, which would be dancing. Any kind of dancing that involves having a partner involves movement and and you've got to create the movement. And you've got to think and that involves dancing with the music. Let's think for your brain a lot of good research on that it's not my opinion, is the research showing that people who do dancing that involves partner dancing, like ballroom dancing, keep their brains younger, very, very important. So now, there's another big factor to keep your brain younger that I will share with you and it's not so easy as a patient to hear me tell you that the most important factor after the age of 50 to determine the your longevity is not to cholesterol is not your blood sugar? Not whether you smoke. It's the quality of your personal relationships. Meaning, is there an intimate quality? Are you intimately relating to other people in your life, like your spouse? Are you are you involved in some kind of religious group organization that that you're really emotionally involved with other people. And you're sharing intimately with other people. This quality of your personal relationships, how intimate it is, will set all kinds of things in your physiology, all kinds of chemicals, all kinds of emotions. And that will determine your longevity. Because longevity is not just simply the hormones, not just simply the food you're eating, and your pre diabetes and the arteries. But the underlying background of why everything works well is that you feel emotionally connected to other people in a way that changes your physiology. Because your genes will create the physical chemicals for longevity, depending upon how you're feeling emotionally by your connections with other people. So you can't fool your physiology, when you're kind of sad and down and feeling isolated and feeling on loved unappreciated, that affects your whole physical well being. And that determines your longevity more than anything else. So how do you make that better? Well, that's a process, I encourage you to listen to what my wife and I talk about in terms of marriage, how to make your marriage better, need to work on your marriages, it doesn't happen automatically. You have to actually spend time and work on your marriages, you have to share yourself intimately with your marriage partner, with your spouse, and learn to listen to them. We have three general, over overlaying rules of understanding your partner and listening to your partner and appreciating your partner. One rule is they're going to change over a lifetime. And you can't expect that things will stay the same over a lifetime, they're going to change and you're going to change. And you have to understand the big picture of those changes. You move from being a caretaker into being a warrior. And then you can become a a a person who is is a developed wise soul. And it's a process of moving there and different people get there at different times. But you got to allow your partner to change and they have to allow you to change and you have to really share with them and these changes are going to happen. And it makes a big difference in how you interact with the world and how your partner interacts with the world. And it's okay. You have to be able to go through those changes and really let them happen and appreciate that. It is not a bad thing. It's just part of life. Second thing is if you're not listening, without interrupting your partner, then you're not really listening. You'll have Have to really listen to what the partner has to say. And just appreciate them as being a person different than you, who sees the world differently than you who have different experiences than you. And that's okay. Got to learn that skill of listening. And the third thing is you have to, you have to, you have to understand that when your partner is going through these changes, you need to change your thought process. And realize that, if you're expecting your partner to naturally automatically know what it is you really want for yourself. You're living in a dream world. Because your partner is changing from who they were 10 years ago, you've changed from who you were 10 years ago. And don't think that your partner naturally knows what you want. And what makes you happy. You have to be able to have conversations that are calm, and peaceful, but very clear with each other. So that you learn that your partner is different than you. And your partner doesn't always understand now how it is you see the world and what it is you want, and you don't necessarily understand what they want, how they see the world. So you need to have that perspective. So those are some things that are really, really critical to creating longevity, to creating the quality of that relationship that's so important for longevity. So that's what you have to think about to create longevity alive. Happy to think it out with you, and look forward to speak with you some more. Thanks so much.

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