Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction & It's Treatment

Transcript of Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for marriages and romantic relationship. Sexual connection is the glue for deep emotional connection in couples. Research shows that over 25% report erectile dysfunction after the age of 50, 40% after the age of 60, 90% after the age of 80. You may view the YouTube video here.


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I am Dr Michael Grossman. I am an anti-aging rejuvenation physician, and I love what I do - a lot of fun to keep people young and healthy and keep them feeling useful and living longer. So, as an anti aging doctor, that's my job: to keep you alive as long as possible in a healthy way. So, one of the things that has not talked about a lot in the anti-agent world is what keeps you alive is a good sexual life. Longevity is very tight in to being sexually active and enjoying your sexual experience, and that is one of the most important factors in longevity. And there's been lots of studies on that. Some of the studies suggests that it's the quality of your relationship that's important after the age of 50 that keeps you alive. But a lot of research says very clearly it's the quality of your sexual experiences that keep you alive, the regular experience of joyful sexual activity. So seeing that that process, one of my jobs as an anti aging doctor, is to keep you healthy, to keep you happily engaged in a romantic relationship.

So, how do we do that? Well, we have several things to think about. One basic thing is, if you're going to have interest in being sexually active, you have to have a libido. Libido is not a psychological thing. It's physiological. Yes, it's important to have feelings for the part of the partner that you're with, and that is a factor. But critical is the chemistry, the testosterone levels that keep you interested in having sex. Many, many times, people will come to me that in a wonderful marriage to say, 'I just have lost interest from 60 years old. Now I'm 65 I just I love my partner, But I'm just not interested,' because you don't have testosterone. Testosterone goes down from men every 10 years. It gets much lower when you're 30, it starts getting lower; 40 is much lower; 50 is lower; 60, it's very low; 70 is very, very, very low. And it's gradual for women is different. It goes down quickly after menopause. Menopause come any time between 40 and 55 on average. But as soon as you go into menopause, your levels go way down very quickly, and testosterone is one of things that I do a lot of replacement to youthful levels makes a huge difference and how well you feel and how your brain is active, enthusiastic and your muscles are strong. But most importantly, you have libido. So, that's one big arena in sexual function.

Second thing that happens is that so many of the patients come to see me. They are men who are getting older and they don't have the ability to have proper erections. It's a physiological problem, very rare to be psychological and happens a little bit when you were younger. But when you're 40, 50, 60, 70, it's not psychological anymore, it's all physiological. If a man doesn't have an erection when they're sleeping or when they wake up in the morning, that's not normal. There's a physiological problem. It's not psychological. We do have certain kind of things that help temporarily. We have Cialis or Viagra, which can help. It's okay. I give people Cialis Viagra that could be very hopeful to allow them to have erections, but otherwise they wouldn't and that's okay. But it doesn't correct the underlying problem. What's the underlying problem? For men, the underlying problem is either there's not enough blood flowing into the area or you lose the ability to hold the blood in the areas to allow an erection to occur. Leakage of membranes happen. So, we can repair these problems in men with a number of interventions. Interventions that weren't available 10 years ago in United States. About four years ago or five years ago, I began doing what we call P-Shot platelet rich plasma injections. In your own body, your blood has in it platelets, which whenever there's an injury, it creates a clot and releases growth factors. And the growth factors signal the body, 'there's an injury here, repair it,' bringing stem cells, repair cells to rejuvenate and repair whatever the damage is. You don't know what the damage is. You hurt your arm - it's bleeding. You don't think about how to repair skin, tendons, muscles, nerves - whatever needs to be repaired- the body knows. And that's what this concentrated growth factors and the platelets will do.

So we just take a blood test just like a blood test. We take 60 cc of blood, a quarter of a cup and we have a process that takes about half hour, and we extract the growth factors and we injected into the Penis. The injections are pretty much painless - you feel little pin prick like you do a blood test. And the platelets go in that area, and for six weeks they send a signal out. Please repair. Please repair. Please repair. And the body repairs that area whatever the injury is. 80% of the time, men are thrilled with the repair process. Things work better, and we find that it is, ongoing. It's not like a temporary effect. You owned that repair. It is your body that has been repaired, and it stays there for a very long period of time. Now, we gotta watch out for why that happened in the first place is that of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, various kinds of imbalances that we have to correct so it doesn't come back. But the area has been repaired. 

The second process we have, that's very, very helpful - it's been in this United States available - but about four years, I've been one of the first people in United States to begin to do the GAINSwave, acoustic wave repair process. We have a process where we vibrate that area. Intense vibration is kind of sound waves, but it's an acoustic wave we call it. And this intense vibration gives the body a signal, 'there's some kind of an injury here.' Micro injury doesn't hurt. We do numbing. So you feel really nothing but its peculiar in that it sends out the signal, 'Please bring in cells repair cells to fix this area,' and the body does. The body is smart. It brings in these cells to repair and repair and repair. We do it once a week for six weeks, and it's dramatically effective. Again, 80% of people do it feel great. We do find that people who have had problems for 10 years, they may need repeated treatments because one set of treatments may not get him 100% when they want to be. If it's only been a year or two, then it goes much more quickly. These are wonderful, wonderful procedures, no side effects, no negative things - it's all natural. And men do great with it, love it. And we can combine it with the right about other things, Cialis Viagra. It's fine to combine them together, but hopefully you're not going to need the Cialis-Viagra over a period of time once we prepare things.

For women, we have the O-Shot available, which is the same platelet rich plasma that we use for men. And we inject it inside the vaginal area, and it repairs any damage, any injury that occurs over a lifetime. And for women, there's a variety of things that could happen - muscles don't work as well, nerves may not work as well, and the blood flow in that area may not work as well. And we inject that area again. It doesn't really hurt, hardly at all, but the area gets repaired and you find that sexual functioning improves dramatically. And it improves not only where the sexual function gets better for women but the urinary continence. Manywomen as they get older, particularly, if they've had babies, they lose the ability to hold the urine in and they lose the urine. And without doing surgery, we could repair these areas. But men and women, we use some various other mechanical things that could be hopeful for women. We have a device that electrically stimulates the area to squeeze and contract and strengthen that area and vibrate the area and the brings more repair cells in, The men, we have a little suction device, which again stimulates the area to bring more repair cells. Combined with these other treatments, it's been just fantastic.

So those are the things that we could do now. Not only does the ability to, for men, have erections get better. But for men and women, the pleasure of sexual experience gets more intense. If you remember back and you're getting to be 60 years old or 70 years old, the experience is just not so intense like it used to be. Once again, it gets more tense, gets more pleasurable. That creates all these hormones in the body: endorphins and keflins and hormones that trigger youthfulness inside yourself, both emotionally and physically. So this is what's possible. Modern medicine is fantastic in certain things. This is natural things, and I love doing it for people. And it's something that I encourage you all to look at as an option for staying youthful.

So, my office is next to the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. My office number is 9492220232. My website - that has a lot of information on it - is I encourage you to check us out. This is a wonderful delight to be able to talk with you and share about how to stay youthful through our natural sexual experience and the new technologies that can bring rejuvenation to that whole process. So, it's been a real pleasure. I hope you're enjoying these Facebook lives, and I look forward to seeing you again next week. Thanks so much.



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