Male Erectile Dysfunction

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Grossman. Welcome. I'm an anti aging specialist. My job is to keep men and women healthy and youthful. I practice in Irvine, California. And I love what I do; it's been a joy to how people feel better and enjoy their lives better and be able to be creative and successful. Growing older is something that happens inevitably, but the difference is great. Some people are 70, 80 years old and they're feeling vibrant and youthful and being creative and active, and other people feel old. We're going to talk today about male erectile dysfunction. This is not just an annoying problem, it's really an important part of a relationship - romantic relationships.

When you're married to be intimate to being sexually active and to enjoy that feeling of closeness and intimacy and giving pleasure and receiving pleasure, it's cements the relationship. We find that individuals who have sex on a regular basis are healthier in so many ways. They have less sickness and disease, and the quality of their life improves mentally and physically. So it's a very important part of your wellness as you grow older. Now there's a variety of things that could happen to reduce male sexual functioning and one of the ways you know, that it's not psychological for a man. You will notice that you don't have erections in the morning like you used to. It's normal for a man to have erections in the morning and through the night on, and often they're healthy when the body parts were working. It's not that you're sexually excited. It's the physical mechanism of hormones changing and the activity in the body that creates these intimate erections in the morning. When they more, this is not psychological. It's the changing hormones in your body and/or changing blood flow that doesn't allow the erection mechanism to occur.

Now this change can happen through a variety of reasons and mechanisms. So one of the things that happened is that over time you can start clogging your arteries. The smallest artery in the body is the penile artery. It's very tiny, very narrow, and if it gets clogged, it's a big problem. Erections won't work, and the clogging can occur very early on before you get other arteries clogged up. And you may not be recognized by medical testing. High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol can lead to clogged arteries. It's one of things we have to do is we have to make sure that you don't have this clogged artery process occurring when you have this erectile dysfunction, there's a variety of ways of testing for it. But one of the earliest detection is a test called a penile stiffness measurement. Simple thing - you put some little sensors on your finger, and we can tell if your arteries are flexible or if they're very getting stiff. And if they are getting stiff, there's a variety of interventions we can do to help. Along with those tests, we need to look at testosterone levels.

As men get older, they tend to lose testosterone, and it's a simple blood test to measure that. When we see the testosterone level is going down, that's something that we can help in a variety of interventions. We have different medications, tablets, injections that raise testosterone levels. But we also have to stop from itself, which we can use as an injection or little pellet under the skin. Very effective to raise your testosterone level. And not only will you feel better in terms of erection functioning in terms of sexual interest libido, but it also helps your brain, your mood, your energy, your muscle stamina, your endurance. In general, you feel like you can go ahead and take on projects because you have more testosterone. It affects the brain.

Now a big problem with male sexual function can also be injury. We call it Peyronie's disease, where the penis becomes bent, it's no longer straight, it can curve in different ways. But this happens when the Penis is not really, really hard, and you get bending in the penis, and when you bend it, it actually tears and injures the little tubes that create erection. When the body puts the blood into the penis, the muscles squeeze and hold the blood in. But if the tubes are clogged up one side and the erection on the other side doesn't and that causes to curve in different directions. So Peyronie's disease can sometimes be painful. It can affect the erection. It can affect the length and girth of the penis, and it tends to get worse and worse over time. We don't have a lot of treatments until recently, that make a difference. But now we do have things that will help both erection functioning in general, not working and also the Peyronie's kind of problems.

The two things that are most dramatically effective are the GAINSWave and the P-]Shot. The GAINSWave is a vibrational treatment where we use some acoustic waves. Intense sound wave, not ultrasound, but a different wavelength. And it vibrates things very intensely. And this vibration gives a signal to the body, 'Oh, there's some kind of injury here,' and the body then sends repair cells and torepair the injury. And the GAINSWave treatments we do once a week. And 80% of time, men notice a great improvement in their erection functioning because we're actually repairing the damage that we have.

The Cialis-Viagra kind of medication, which can help, and they're not bad, but they don't get to the underlying problem. They don't repair the injury that was there. They just... the body to have a better erection. But over time, the erections will get worse. Even if you're on this because it doesn't affect the overall disease process. But the GAINSWave does get to the basis of the disease process and allows you to repair it. Now, the other treatment is a P-shot, a platelet-rich plasma injection. We take your own blood and we concentrate the growth factors that're naturally in your blood. So when you ever have an injury, the body creates a blood clot from the platelets and the platelets release a signal that, 'Hey, there's an injury here,' and then that brings in the growth factors, it brings in repair cells into that area to repair, and we can inject it into the area of injury or just in general along the penis; that just doesn't really hurt very much, just a little pin pricks like a blood test. And over six weeks, the body repairs the damage, and whatever parece curd is permanently repaired; it's not a temporary repair. And the P-Shot has been a great treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. We made you one, two or three treatments depending upon how severe it was to begin with.

Now, the other things we can do, we can use stem cells, which is a more expensive product that we take from your own blood or from an umbilical cord from babies, and we concentrate these growth factors and stem into the same area, the Penis. We can also use exosomes. Exosomes are the growth factors themselves without the stem cells and again that brings huge amount of repair inside the body. And we can inject it into the penis and get great results that are very long lasting. So those are a lot of different things we can do. But there are some other things we should talk about. We can use the oxytocin, which is a hormone, that's naturally produced in men and women when they have orgasm. And this oxytocin is very helpful to get men more interested in sex, be able to experience orgasm and experience that quality of feeling like you wanna have sex and being able to have that orgasm experience. We can use a peptide called PT 141 which is a very kind of amino acid grouping that the body uses as a signal to increase sexual performance, sexual activity. So instead of working in the realm of testosterone or repairing, specifically, it works on the brain to get it to work better. And for those who don't respond to the other treatments, the PT 141 works on the brain there maybe erros in the brain that have been aged. And this is... that is very, very helpful to create that rejuvenation experience with sexual functioning.

So there are other things we can do to help male sexual dysfunction, but this gives you a pretty good idea of the possibilities that exist. So as an anti-aging doctor, I love restoring male sexual dysfunction. And next time, perhaps we'll talk about female sexual dysfunction. In the meantime, you're welcome to call my office for more information: 9492220232. Our office is  in Irvine, near the John Wayne Airport. And you can go to my website:, we have a lot of information there to talk about the various approaches that I use for anti-aging. So it's been a pleasure talking to you. I look forward to speaking, too soon again. Thanks.



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