Maintaining Passion and Desire in Your Romantic Partnership

Dr. Michael Grossman discuss why it is important to stay sexually active to live a longer and healthier life. He goes own to discuss that it improves the quality of intimacy and emotional connection. YouTube video here.

Welcome to the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well known anti aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best selling author and founder of the OC wellness clinic in Irvine, California. Each week, he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best. So you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

Hi, it's Dr. Michael Grossman, the anti aging specialists. And today we're going to talk about maintaining youthful passion and desire in your romantic partnership. Now, why is this so important? Research clearly shows that couples who stays sexually active having sex two or more times a week, live longer and healthier lives and couples who are not sexually active. In addition, the quality of their intimacy, the quality of their emotional connection is better when there's sexual activity. sexual activity involves a lot of emotional connection as well as physical connection changes the physiology changes to hormones, improves brain functioning. Many different chemicals and hormones are produced when we're sexually active. And they're all very, very positive in the benefits it has to our physical well being. We know that the research clearly shows that the most important factor in longevity after the age of 50 is the quality of your intimate emotional connections. So that's all these very important reasons why it's very important to have ongoing desire and passion in your romantic relationship. Now, how often do people lose the physical ability to have ongoing intimate relations is a very big problem. In men and women after the age of 50, it's very, very common. And it gets more common the older you get. As an anti aging doctor, I spend a lot of, of my focus on keeping people youthful. And a big big point of being youthful is maintaining sexual activity, and sexual functioning and sexual desire. It's a very, very important part of your general health and well being. So now let's get into the specifics. So why do individuals lose that sexual desire and the physical ability to have and enjoy sexual activity. Part of the aging process involves hormones that gradually get less as you get older. And just generally speaking, the hormones just get lower and lower. So if you take a 35 year old, they have pretty good levels of hormones. But by the time they're 45, they're much, much lower. And that's why professional sports, it's very rare to see someone perform in professional sports after the age of 45. It just rarely ever happens. Because you lose those hormones that your body requires for youthfulness. These hormones include testosterone, for men, which gradually goes down year after year very slowly gets less and less. And when to start from goes down. Men lose their physical strength, their enthusiasm, their brain clarity, their libido, and their muscle stamina and muscle recovery. For women, they lose their testosterone to which is just as important for women as it is men even though women have much less of it in their body, they need it. In addition, women lose estrogen and progesterone. progesterone makes you feel calm and relax. So we have pregnant women have lots of progesterone and most pregnant women are very, very happy. Even though they have all kinds of physical problems. carrying the baby they're just having are just wrong, makes women happy. And it helps them to sleep estrogen It's very important for memory of women, very important for their bones. And very important for the Bachelor mucosa. Without estrogen, it tends to get very dry and thin. And then that makes sexual activity very painful and unpleasant. So these are the hormones that are very important to replace. So we replace these in men and women. When we replace it in men, they gain all those things back that they've lost with testosterone. And we can replace it as little pellets under the skin, which is my favorite method or little injections that you can do yourself twice a week, we can use cream. For women, they can use a combination of various various kinds of things. So they can use the, the, the cream, or pellets, or they can use little injections. So there are different methods, methods that women can use. Now, besides these hormones, there are many other hormones that can be used, particularly we think about growth hormone. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, which is inside the head and in the middle between the eyes. And growth hormone is the master conductor of the orchestra of hormones. And it sets the dials for how youthful your body is going to behave. Now you don't get immediate effects from growth hormone like a dupe from testosterone, but you get it gradually over a period of months. And then you just feel better in all kinds of ways brain clarity, muscle, stamina, skin, enthusiasm, libido, muscle strength and recovery, losing fat, growth hormone makes you younger. And now what we do instead of growth hormone is that we can do a safe a method that's much less expensive. We use peptides that signal your body released the growth hormone while you're sleeping. And these work best as little baby injections little insulin needles you injected five days a week, and we find that it is it is a very profound effect on feeling more youthful all these different ways. So these are the main hormones, although there's a number of other hormones that will use also to make you youthful. And the side effects are that not only do you get youthful with sexual function you but you get youthful and all these other ways. And it's a package, you can't have one without the other. It's natural, when you feel youthful, you'll feel interested in being sexual. Now, other issues that come up, that that affects sexual functioning are the issues that relate to erection dysfunction in men and orgasmic dysfunction in women. So for men, we find frequently that they lose the ability to have from erections. The erection mechanism then, is caused by a variety of activities that cause blood to go into the penis, but not come out. And that creates the physical erection. And that mechanism has a number of ways that it stops working. One is the arteries don't function well. The otter is clogged up, the artery that feeds into the penis is a very, very tiny artery. And if it clogs up it using my the first arteries to clog in the body, the blood flow doesn't increase and you can't have an erection the way you normally would. You also get leakage of membranes, so we have little tubes that are collagen type tubes, and that instead of the blood staying in there, it leaks out and the erection doesn't stay. And these mechanisms can be repaired when they're damaged. And the damage can occur gradually over time from aging but they also occur from diabetes or pre diabetes they occur from high blood pressure from high cholesterol. And and and they can occur from injury to the penis called peroneus disease where things have bent out of shape for a moment and it kind of cracks and bends the tubes. All these mechanisms can be repaired through a variety of interventions, the most effective interventions are fairly new in the last 10 years. One mechanism is called a p shop platelet rich plasma injection we inject your own growth factors that are contained in the platelets. platelets are the little vesicles in the blood that when you get an injury and it's bleeding, it clots the area and sends out a signal please repair this area. The intelligence of the body brings in repair cells stem cells to repair whatever the damages and when we send off a signal when we inject this little tiny bit of this concentrated platelet rich plasma into the penis just little injections feels like a little blood test. Little pinprick doesn't hurt much And then the signal goes off the body sends in repair cells that will pair whatever the damages, I don't need to know what to damages, the body is smart and knows if it's a blood vessel, if it's a nerve, if it's a collagen injury, it just repairs whatever the damage is. It takes about six weeks after the injection to get better, and you may need one or two or even three injections and it's works 80% of time really well. Another mechanism we have to repair is called the Gaines wave, acoustic wave therapy. Intense vibrations go into the, into the area around the genitals, and that brings in the signal, certain quality of vibrations frequency brings in a signal please repair this area, the cells get shaken and they send off a signal please repair me I've been injured. And then the roof repair process begins. And we usually do a series of three to six of them. And six weeks later 80% of people are feeling much improved. And the improvement from either of these treatments is very long lasting. It can last forever or collapsed a few years. But it works really really well. Now for women, women have a variety of of issues that can occur which are the same kind of issues basically from blood vessels, nerve impulses, leakage of membranes, women have a clitoris which is the equivalent of a man's penis, and that's supposed to be in gorged with blood. And different things will happen that mechanism and it doesn't work properly. In addition, the the vaginal area can be injured through childbirth and different nerves can be injured muscles can be injured, and you lose sensitivity in that area. We can repair this area with what we call the OSHA which is platelet rich plasma again injected into the genital area. And it repairs whatever the damage is very effective treatment for women. In addition, for women, we have a treatment that is known as screen cream, which is a topical application of cream before intercourse, which has a variety of basil dilators that bring in blood into the area which otherwise doesn't happen like it did when you were younger. And when the blood comes in the area, it It allows the nerves and the blood and the and the membranes to be more active. And then you can once again experience orgasm and sensual pleasure during sexual activity. So what we have here is a variety of interventions that are medical interventions that can help both men and women to enjoy the experience of sexual activity as you're aging. And I encourage you to have these procedures done if sexual satisfaction is diminishing. Because it's not just a momentary pleasure. It's a physical change in your body, releasing chemicals in your brain, enjoying the sense of of touch and pleasure and feeling the deep connection with your partner. So these are all very important things to do. And you're welcome to contact my office, should you have some questions. My office is located in Orange County, California. 94922202321, go to my website, which is oc So this is Dr. Michael Grossman. Wishing you much enjoyment in your romantic partnership. Thanks so much.

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