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It is another year and Covid-19 is still a real issue. Dr. Michael Grossman shares the most recent treatments and recommendations. YouTube video here.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm an anti aging rejuvenative medicine specialists. I love keeping people healthy, youthful, and preventing disease. Today we're going to talk about the latest research and information on treating preventing COVID infection. There's lots of COVID infection going around in California right now. And it goes on and off around the country in different areas. Some of the latest research on COVID infection is making a clear that sunlight is great for killing the virus. being outdoors and the sun does not allow the virus to survive within a minute the virus is killed by the ultraviolet light. So going to the beach, going outside to walk anything you're doing outside, you're not likely to get the virus on the the daytime hours, nighttime may be a little bit more of a problem, but not like a big problem. But it is it is not quite as safe as being outdoors during the daytime. We seem to have clearer information that children do not seem to spread the virus. Whatever happens that when they get infected, they don't seem to be spreading the virus. So I wouldn't be so concerned about getting the virus from children, sending them to school or having them doing other activities looks like it's quite safe and most of the country of the world, that people have their kids in school and they seem to be doing just fine there and not spreading to the rest of the family. Now in terms of actual treating people with COVID virus, we're learning lots of things about it, certain things are very effective. If you do go into the hospital, we have much better ways of treating it now than we did when it first came out 10 months ago, we now know that the antibody treatment seemed to be very effective. And we have a variety of other treatments that are very effective. I'm going to show you this treatment here that we find is very effective. And here's a new treatment. So this ivermectin is a medicine that we use for treating parasites. And it's been around for 50 years or so and it's very, very safe. And we find that this is more effective than the hydroxychloroquine, which has been shown to be somewhat helpful, but not dramatically helpful. And the ivermectin seems to be dramatically helpful. We have research in large numbers of people in India and in Egypt. And the studies seem to indicate this is very effective. We're now doing studies here in United States on very inexpensive medicine, medicine. And you take one dose on day one, another one, day three. And then you can take a medicine a dose every two weeks to prevent infection. And this is something that I highly recommend for people who are in or ill with it or or who might be exposed to it. If you actually have it. We we have a variety of things that we like for you to be on In addition, so if you actually have COVID, you take the ivermectin as indicated on day one or day three, comes in three milligram tablets you can take four to six tablets at a time would be the average dose for someone who's 120 pounds to take for for someone who's 200 pounds would take six tablets. Vitamin D very important. So vitamin D is something that this was researched and that has been the most effective thing for preventing and treating and helping the COVID and not get out of hand. This protocol is 4000 I use a day I recommend 5000 I use a day vitamin C 2000 milligrams two or three times a day. Of course, a 10 is a flavonoid something that's related to vitamins, vitamin, vitamin C, but it's not exactly vitamin C, it's a, it's a flapper noise. It's a type of bite vitamin cofactor 250 milligrams twice a day, zinc 100 milligrams a day, that's a big dose of zinc. But if you actually have the infection, that's what's recommended. Melatonin seems to be very helpful to balance out the immune system. 10 milligrams is going to make you really, really sleepy, I usually only recommend six milligrams. Aspirin one a day is reasonable. That's if you actually have the infection of COVID. That's what's recommended. I believe this is the most effective, easy protocol to follow. You're not in the hospital yet. You want to take this ivermectin and the rest of these protocols early on meaning as soon as you think you might have COVID, you want to get started. You don't want to wait five days and get really bad symptoms, you could end up being in the hospital. If you want to just prevent this is the protocol for prevention. So if someone in your family or someone in the office has it, you can take prophylactically, the ivermectin the same way that a dose a day one or three repeated every two weeks. You take vitamin C, vitamin D, course a 10, zinc and melatonin at these doses. And this, this is going to help the 250 a day, of course, at 1050 milligrams a day of zinc, six milligrams of melatonin, and the vitamin D, I do recommend 5000 hours a day. That's my general recommended dose for most people. So this is what the latest protocol that I like. And I want to show you what I'm recommending from my patients. For natural things, additional natural things that you can do for allowing your body to both fight off the COVID. And to protect you, if you do get it to not getting an overreaction where you're going to get really sick from it. So we talked about vitamin D 5000, I use every day. If you were to get ill, you can take 50,000 or use a day for four days and then go back to the 5000. But only for four days. I like adding generally vitamin K to the D in general, keep your bones strong reduce heart disease. So that's an ongoing thing that you should do. But it doesn't relate to the COVID. Zinc, taking 50 milligrams or so a day is very helpful in general for the COVID. The additional things I recommend colostrum is something that you get from mother's milk and the same thing as in cow's milk, and we concentrate the immune factors in the milk, and that this stimulates your own immune system to fight off viruses. Beta Glucan made from baker's yeast, very helpful to stimulate the immune system. One product that I like that contains this this whole immune from orthomolecular, you can get that through my office, if you like to Riva another orthomolecular product. It's a type of tumeric and tumeric work is the yellow kind of thing you get from from spices. And and this is very helpful to reduce inflammation, which is a big factor in the COVID infection. We talked about course a 10, melatonin and vitamin C, these are all really helpful things to reduce the inflammation and to keep the immune system strong. If you were actually to get some kind of symptoms of infection, we like a combination of these various herbs, elderberry, astragalus, akinesia, anthro, graphis, licorice root, and one brand is called virus said made by orthomolecular. And these are all really really helpful things if you do get an infection. So these are the general things we want you to do to both prevent COVID and if you do get the infection to take it early on these kind of things. I will suggest that you use the hydroxychloroquine along with the ivermectin and you can take that together. But that has to again be used early on the hydroxychloroquine is safe at the lower doses. Is 200 milligram tablet to twice a day for two days, then one twice a day, for a week. So these are all really, essentially harmless kinds of things to do that are very, very helpful. When you have COVID. If it continues on for a period of time, four or five days not getting better, you've got to talk to your doctor. There's a lot of other medicines and treatments that can be helpful, such as the azithromycin, which is an antibiotic, such as different kinds of cortisone type medicine to reduce the inflammation response in your body. These are all things that can be certainly very helpful. So this is the general big picture of what we do for COVID. Now and when I recommend, and I do think that the the vaccines can be helpful, we don't have all the information for how long the vaccines last? Is it going to be helpful for three months or three years, we don't really know. Certain people get allergic responses to the vaccine. That's a little bit of a complexity. If you have a lot of allergies and immune imbalances in your physiology, then you want to be cautious about the vaccine. I'm very enthusiastic about these natural ways of preventing the COVID problems. And that would be my my suggestions that everyone should take these harmless kinds of things. And so hopefully this has been helpful and I wish you all health. And we look forward to speaking to you again. Thanks so much.

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