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As time goes by, there will always be some changes in the medical field. Dr. Grossman talks about the most recent news and information on vitamin D and longevity. You may view the YouTube video here.

Welcome to the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well known anti aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best selling author and founder of the OC wellness clinic in Irvine, California. Each week, he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best. So you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

Dr. Michael Grossman, an anti aging physician. And I written a book on at agent called the vitality connection. 10 practical ways to optimize health and reverse the aging process. I've written a book on stem cells, how stem cells can avoid surgery and rejuvenate the body and heal things that otherwise we didn't think would heal. All kinds of problem with knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, brain problems, kidney problems, heart problems, so many things we can use. And here with stem cells. Today, I want to focus on the latest research on vitamin D. Well, if you thought you knew everything about vitamin D, you don't because this is brand new research just came out from Europe, a study that was a 12 year study on 1000s of middle aged and older people. And they found that when they studied these people over 12 years, they found their levels of vitamin D, comparing the lowest levels of the lowest group of those people to the highest levels in the highest group. And 91% lower mortality rate overall. That's incredible, over 12 years, 91% less deaths. Well, that's like absolutely unbelievable. And this is from all causes of death. So we have known for years that vitamin D does all kinds of great things. It reduces heart disease, it reduces cancer. It reduces bone loss, it reduces arthritis. It boosts the immune system. The latest research on the COVID virus shows that vitamin D is the best single, natural way to reduce the incidence of problems from the COVID virus doesn't stop necessarily getting the COVID virus, although it seems to be helpful in prevention. But it also stops all those immune factors that get out of balance that causes serious problems from the COVID virus. Vitamin D reduces inflammation, that's why it helps arthritis. And it also just simply seems to boost the immune system to make the immune system work better. So all those things work to reduce the incidence of problems from the COVID virus. Vitamin D also helps diabetes. It reduces diabetes, it has very positive effects on kidney function. There are just so many benefits to vitamin D. It's like incredible. Now vitamin D is one of the unusual vitamins that are fat soluble, a lot of the vitamins are water soluble. So when you take B vitamins, and vitamin C even take huge amounts and it just kind of washes through the body and doesn't really have a big effect upon the levels in your body. Because if you have a lot, you just excrete them urinate them out, the fat soluble vitamins gets stored in the body. And they get stuck in there. And they seem to be in great reservoir. And these fat soluble vitamins you can overdose on them as possible by taking too much got to work hard at it. So the the average level of vitamin D in California is about 30. And the deficiency medically is treated anything below 30 is deficiency. You don't have enough and you're going to have medical problems. That is going to change. They'll change that number, but that's the number right now. Over 100 is thought to be too much vitamin D that means that you're accumulating so much you might begin to get side effects, liver toxicity from too much vitamin D, that realistically may happen at 120. So where should the ideal range of vitamin D be, we find that the ideal range is probably between 55 and 80. Now, that's an approximation, we're waiting for all the research to come out. But that's what it looks like. Now the average person has it at 30. If you go out in the sun a lot, you're wearing a bathing suit and you're out for two hours a day, or you're playing tennis and shorts and a T shirt for three hours a day, you're going to have good levels of vitamin D without taking any supplementation, most people are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun. The issue with getting that much sun is that you may get skin cancer with you getting any sunburn, sun damage, you can get skin cancer over a period of years. So we've told for years, we've told people Oh, avoid the sun don't go in the sun. But the problem is not going to sun you don't get vitamin D and E and all these other problems. So the best answer that I have right now for most people, is don't worry about getting too much sun. Don't get a lot of sun don't get a sunburn, but you must take vitamin D in a supplement. Now vitamin D, we used to get a little bit from milk. But otherwise vitamin E is hard to get from food you get a little bit from from fish oil. But it's hard to get enough vitamin D from the food to eat. cod liver oil grandmother used to give you cod liver oil, which is a good thing. But now we have vitamin D available all over in tablets and capsules and liquid. When you take vitamin D the research also shows it's been very clear in the last few years that you need to take it with vitamin K to vitamin K is found in various vegetables. But vitamin K, vitamin K two is easily available in supplements. And it does good things to the body in a variety of ways. Some of the research on vitamin D in the past has shown that vitamin D can put too much calcium into the arteries. When you take vitamin D, you absorb more calcium from your food. And some of that calcium will go into your bones to make a stronger but some can go into your arteries which may clog them and harden them. So we find that when you take vitamin K to it pushes the vitamin, the calcium from vitamin D into your bones and not into the artery so it protects your arteries from getting harmed. When we first started treatment for osteoporosis, some 20 years ago, we gave him a massive doses of vitamin of a massive dose of calcium. And but then we found that that was causing some clogging of the arteries. So then we cut that out. And we found that vitamin D is what you need to get that calcium into the bones and to absorb it better, you don't need so much in the dosing. And now it's clear that vitamin K two is a great balance to the vitamin D so that it pushes every all the calcium into your bones, vitamin K to the best amount to take now as 180 micrograms per day, we used to be 120. Now the research says 180 micrograms, I personally like to use one called k force, which is a combination of the K to 180 micrograms and vitamin D 5000. Made by orthomolecular. I'm happy to help people to get that if call my office 949222 o 232. But you can search around the vitamin stores and get that in a separate combination. So these are the things you should be thinking about now one of the things to think about is you should get levels of vitamin D. So it's simple blood test. And I suggest getting a twice a year because it takes about three to four months of taking vitamin D to reach a certain level in your in your blood. And and to sustain that level. If you stop taking it, it only slowly goes down over three or four months. So don't stop taking because you have a good level you have to keep taking it. And then if you check it twice a year, you'll know Okay, this is the right level I need to take a little more a little less or you know you know how you're doing. But that's generally what I'm suggesting that So I think everyone should take it for the COVID virus, and everyone should take it just to live longer and to prevent heart disease, cancer, bone loss, boosts the immune system, help diabetes help your kidney function. So that's what we're thinking about today. I wish you all health. And you're welcome to come and visit my website, oc And you're welcome to come in the office and do a consultation to live longer and live healthier. And my office number again, 949-222-0232. Thanks so much. A pleasure to see you all. Take care now.

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