GAINSWAVE - Is It Right For You?


Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for marriages and romantic relationship. Sexual connection is the glue for deep emotional connection in couples. Research shows that over 25% report erectile dysfunction after the age of 50, 40% after the age of 60, 90% after the age of 80.


Viagra or Cialis will give you a temporary improvement but does not treat the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.


The good news will have effective ways of reversing the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. Clogging of arteries, leakage of membranes and nerve dysfunction are the major cause of erectile dysfunction.


We now can use Gainswave an acoustic wave vibratory stimulation to naturally enhance the normal repair processes that occur anytime you get an injury. It’s like tricking the body to think that there’s some kind of an injury going on that requires repair cells and stem cells to come into this area and fix whatever is the problem. These treatments are essentially painless although peculiarly vibratory.


After four years of doing these treatments, 80% of men I have treated are extremely happy with the benefits. Results take six weeks to gradually occur and then they will last for a very long time. Long-lasting results depend upon your overall health and lifestyle.


We still want to treat any prediabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol which may speed up the aging process. Replacement of testosterone to youthful levels will be very helpful to maintain libido and enhance your ability to exercise and build muscle.


Call our office 949-222-0232 for a complimentary consultation to see if your candidate for the Gainswave treatment.


Best wishes,

Michael J Grossman MD

Michael J Grossman MD

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