Fear No Mirror with CoolSculpting®

The unique CoolSculpting® technology is a non-surgical, scientifically proven way to reduce pockets in trouble spots such as the abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs in as little as one session. You may view the YouTube video here.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm here at the O. C. Wellness Center of Orange County here in New Port Beach, California here in my office. Today, we're gonna talk about CoolSculpting®. Sculpting your body, getting rid of unwanted curves as you look in the mirror. Weight loss has to be the first thing you do - good diet, good exercise. I spend a lot of time talking to my patients about how to make that happen. But even when you do that, you still have areas of unwanted curvature.

How does that happen? Well, pre-diabetes is a frequent factor. As we grow older, we don't process the food that comes in in the way we used to, and it gets collected in certain areas that it didn't before. So we frequently find we have weight gain around certain areas. Men, particularly in the belly, right around the belly button; women, frequently around the hips, also. And this is part of the process of pre-diabetes. And this happens very commonly as we get older. Now, what can we do about that? Besides dying exercise? Well, we have this process called CoolSculpting®. I've been doing this process for like four or five years, and it's been dramatically helpful to get rid of those unwanted areas of these collections in our body as we get older.

How does cool sculpting work? It works by freezing the tissues in our body - adipose cells - in whatever part of the body, and it works in an area about 6 to 10 inches in diameter. It's a conference, and it freezes these cells so that they permanently die. Now the value of killing the cells is that the body does not regenerate new adipose tissue, adipose cells can get bigger. Once you get rid of those cells, they're gone permanently. And this is what changes the shape of a body permanently. CoolSculpting® has taken over this body sculpting arena in the United States because it's so effective. It's easy. It's painless. Well, it's a little bit. You hurt for 20-30 seconds at the beginning, when you're freezing that part of the body, the skin gets frozen. It hurts for 20-30 seconds as you're unfreezing that part of the body. But, essentially that's the only discomfort that you feel. It's really minimal, and the process takes about an hour or so in our office and you see results gradually over the next 1 to 2 months. And then, you have the permanent change - there you have it. Frequently, we may need to do a second treatment, depending upon how much curvature you have that you want to get rid of. But the process is a really easy process. People love the process, and I encourage you to call our office. We have a special going on now with CoolSculpting®. So call the office, speak to our staff and allow yourself to enjoy this easy process to resculpt your body. Well, thanks so much for listening. It's a pleasure talking with you and looking forward to speaking to you again. Bye now.

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Michael J Grossman MD

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