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Transcript of Dr. Michael Grossman shares the lasted development in anti-aging medicine EXOSOMES concentrated rejuvenation growth factors. You may view the YouTube video here.


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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Grossman, specializing the anti-aging medicine. It's been a pleasure to talk to you and to tell you the latest breakthroughs in reversing the aging process. We just came back, my wife and I from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicines Annual meeting in Las Vegas, California. And there was a plethora of new things that have come up in the arena of anti-aging medicine. So we have all kinds of new things to talk about. The thing that's been most exciting has been the development of what we call exosomes as a viable option to reverse the aging process. So for five years now, I've been using stem cells, which we collect from your own fat and we suck out little fat from your belly or love handles and process it over two hours and then we inject it back into your body and the stem cells create rejuvenation, repair all over your body, both in your joints, in your knees, your hips, your ankles, your back, but also in your head, in your brain if it's not working for just aging or for injury, it's been dramatically effective, and I really love doing that work.

We just had a patient who was a young man in about 30 years old, and he had been a car accident some three years before, and he was almost just a little more than a vegetable. It was really sad because he couldn't really walk very well; he couldn't get up without assistance; he couldn't focus on anything; you can talk to him, he wouldn't really... he doesn't speak it all. And he wasn't writing and he couldn't pay attention to things when you show him a movie or a TV show, he doesn't follow anything. We did the stem cells, it's been three months, and now he's dramatically better - he's writing long notes, he's saying things that are cute and funny. You can tell that he's present and he's talking to you, and he's able to walk a lot better. And so, he's just so dramatically better and his mother is just so thrilled and happy. And from my side, it's just a thrill to be able to do that, to be able to get the brain to regenerate or is otherwise, it doesn't repair. And this is what stem cells could do.

But now we have something brand new, which works like stem cells a little different. So let's talk about exosomes. It's the latest development in anti-aging medicine. The way stem cells work is that we can take the cells and the lining of the cells will invaginate and clump off. And it's like a little bud. And inside those little buds are all these growth factors and the growth factors can then go all over the body in these little organelles called exosomes, and they swim around wherever they're needed, and they're attracted to the area that requires repair. And it could be anywhere. And they have intelligence system, where they hone in on wherever it needs to be repaired. That signal comes in and they go where they needed to go. And these little organelles, these exosomes, we can concentrate them even more than stem cells so that we can get 10 times as much repair in these little exosome concentrates as we can even your own stem cells.

And certainly with older people, their stem cells are not quite as vibrant as young people's stem cells. And so, although we get good results with someone who's 70, 80, or even 90 years old, we're going to get even better results with these exosomes because we can take the exosomes from young people and concentrate the exosomes from the stem cells in these young people because we're not using their DNA, you're not getting any possibility of allergic reactions because you're not using their DNA. There's nothing foreign coming, and you're just getting these exosomes, which are...that has no DNA in it. So the safety is really great, even though they're coming from other people. That's always been a concern with taking the stem cells from other people, whether they're babies or someone else that you could get some sensitivity reactions. You can't get it from these exosomes.

So this has been a huge breakthrough, and we can use it in the skin to make your skin more youthful. So for years I've used platelet rich plasma in the skin. After I do a procedure called CO2 Profractional laser, we make pinholes in your skin hundreds of pinholes in a poster size stamp of skin, and then the body will grow the pin holes together tight, smooth, soft, radiant skin because their youthful skin that grows back in. And now not only can we add platelet-rich plasma but can add these exosomes, which is like intense rejuvenation even more than with platelet-rich plasma. So, that can be used in the hair to grow hair on your head; it can be used into your joints like we would stem cells. It's a little easier than stem cells.

So we're very excited about the exosomes opportunity for keeping people youthful, and there's so many other things that have come up in the conference, and we'll talk about that in the coming discussions. But in the meantime, I welcome you if you have questions, you can call the office: 9492220232 and the office is in Irvine, California next to John Wayne Airport. And you're welcome to  call and ask questions and understand, 'What can we do?' and 'How do we help this?' And 'How do we help that?' And whether you're a good candidate for these kinds of procedures. So, you could look up our website, which is ocwellness.com. So we'd love to hear from you. And it's a pleasure talking with you. Okay. Good night.


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