Eating healthy and which foods to avoid

It is critical nowadays to watch what we are eating so we stay healthy and strong. Dr. Michael Grossman shares exactly how to do that. You may listen to the the podcast here.


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Welcome this Dr. Michael Grossman, anti aging physician, director of the OC wellness, so farms County.

Today we're going to talk about

being healthy, and what foods really should avoid, and eat less of an order to be really healthy.

Now, some things you might know and some things you might not know about that. So eating healthy

has changed in recent years, in terms of what we know about foods,

we used to think that


more protein foods are going to make you healthier and help you to live longer and avoiding sugar. Well, to some extent, that's true.

Avoiding diabetes means avoiding sugar, and eating less refined white flour, white sugar, donuts, cake, cookies, that is true, you're gonna need to eat less of that. But what we've found in more recent years is that

eating a lot of red meat is problematic. Red meat, particularly the processed red meat, meaning

meat, that is Bologna, salami, and, and hotdogs and bacon,

they're processing.

And it creates a lot of problems. But even even regular red meat is a problem because what happens with the industry of, of making cows

grow quickly so that you can make money by having the cattle grow fast and quick. They increase IGF one is a hormone that makes them grow really fast. But that is not good for people to be eating the cows that are filled with these hormones. And when humans eat them, it has a bad effect upon your longevity and well being.

Even eating pigs, same thing, they're fed these funny hormones. In addition, the animals have fed antibiotics can have very big doses of antibiotics, which can be problematic for humans eating them.

And you would think that well, I eat chicken That's better. Well, not really, because chickens also have high dose, almost particularly estrogens. And they're fed lots of antibiotics. So it is problematic eating these animals. Now does that mean you shouldn't have any of them? Well, you know, you could eat less would be certainly better for you.

Organic is

animals, but even the organic animals can have lots of antibiotics. But they are better.

I would suggest that you eat smaller amounts and less frequent amounts of these kinds of red meats. The process red meats, I suggest you don't have at all You shouldn't have any. We find that those cultures that eat less of these kinds of foods are cultures where people live longer. So there are cultures in Italy, there's cultures in Japan, there's cultures and other areas of the world where people live longer, because they don't eat these kinds of animal foods.

So what are the kinds of foods that you can eat that are healthier and better for you?

eating more of the vegetables, spinach, broccoli, avocados, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, those are really super vegetables that we'd love for you to be eating more of

flaxseed spiral. Lena and hempseed are very good kinds of proteins harder to get but extremely, extremely healthy to be eating.

We find that certain kinds of vegetables have things in them that are called lectins that are irritants to the GI tract the intestinal tract. So you have tomatoes

and wheat

These have lectins and they irritate the GI tract. GI tract irritation is a big problem for your overall health. You get what we call leaky gut. And and it can vary as to which foods are most irritating to a particular person, someone may be more sensitive to wheat, some may be more sensitive to other foods. And it could be dairy foods that irritate the GI tract. But whatever food is irritating get the GI tract, you want to eliminate them from your diet. And it's frequently the foods that you crave that causes this irritation to the GI tract.

When the GI tract is irritated, things leak through the GI tract, and then they cause all kinds of illness, all kinds of immune disorders, all kinds of body aches and fatigue. And so it's very important to have a healthy GI tract and that's a whole other area and I do a lot of work with people to create healthier gi tracts and, and to restore the gut integrity so things don't leak through. But these are some things to be thinking about. In regards to your diet.

In my office, I often will test for my patients.

Vitamin content of of

a certain kind of antioxidants

are called carotenoids. carotenoids, are found in in vegetables, particularly the green vegetables, which would be spinach, kale,

chard, and these green vegetables have these carotenoids also carrots, and they are very important for our overall health. It helps vision helps prevent heart disease, cancer. And it tells me how much of these vegetables you're eating. And I'd say

60% of my patients are very low in these vegetable carotenoids. They're stored in your skin. And we can measure it by a simple test where we put a little

device that bounces light off off of the skin and your hand your correct noid content over on your body which roof reflects the overall antioxidants in your body.


you can dramatically change the current mode content in your body and the antioxidant

vibrancy of your body by eating more of these vegetables. But these vegetables are tricky because when you eat spinach

and kale, the green vegetables when eat them raw, you don't absorb very much of the nutrients. They're basically fiber which is good, but you don't get the carotenoid nutrients. If you cook the vegetables you do get to get the right nutrients and I like you to be eating cooked vegetables This is very good. So you're going to get the nutrients from them but when you overcook them, you destroy some of the nutrients so you just want to cook them just mildly but you do want to make them soft. Now the best way to get the correct nutrients is to make a shake. So if you have a high speed blender like a Vitamix or or one of these

magic bullet type of mixers that go very, very fast, and you put in the

spinach and kale and or the Swiss chard and you mix it up really really fast, you break down the cell wall and without damaging any of the nutrients you're able to absorb them fiber, which helps with digestion. And

when you do this, at the end of two months, you will have increased significantly the antioxidant carotenoids in your body making you more healthy. And I also suggest that you add into this mix beets because beets contain nitric oxide and the nitric oxide that are in the beats are very helpful to prevent heart disease and also help sexual functioning. So I like combining them together and you can add some protein shake and and if you want to put in some berries and that would be great. So this is a very healthy shake. And I encourage you to do this on a daily basis. When you mix up the other fruits and the protein don't mix it up really fast. You don't break down any cell walls there you just want to mix it up so you put it on a low setting but for the the vegetables that the spinach and kale so we then go very very fast to break.

Well these are some keys and good thoughts about eating healthy. I encourage you to come in and see me though feel free

Brent and extend your life expectancy and to feel more and more youthful as you get older rather than feeling more and more tired. I love doing that. And it's a pleasure to have you come and see me. And I look forward to speaking to you again. Thanks so much.



Michael J Grossman MD

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