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It is critical nowadays to watch what we are eating so we stay healthy and strong. Dr. Michael Grossman shares exactly how to do that. You may view the YouTube video here.

I wanted to give you all some updated information on the COVID virus. I've been studying the research that's been coming out very closely. And I didn't want to wait to give you this update. Because this is such a critical thing for everybody. The research and my evaluations evaluation seems to be very clear now that 90% of the people who get the COVID virus get little or no symptoms, mild symptoms, or no symptoms. 10% of people get it, get an ongoing issue where you don't seem to get better, where it just seems to drag on for 10 days, two weeks where you continue to have more fatigue and cough, body aches and pains fever. And then at some point, there's an inflammatory process, which occurs where your body is overreacting to the virus. And it tends to get into your lungs, where you get fluid in your lungs, and you get an inflammatory process, and you can't get to go in and out of your lungs to oxygenate your body. And then you end up getting short of breath and you have to rush to the hospital. And when you're in the hospital, it's very difficult for them to treat you. We're finding that the ventilators don't help that much. It's not a typical kind of pneumonia process. So even though they put you on the ventilator, they're still not getting the air into your lungs very well. And the ventilator just may actually irritate your lungs even more. We're finding out the problem is that inflammation process has to be calmed down. We have a variety of ways of addressing this and formation process. It seems that the easy and helpful way to this inflammatory processes to catch it early on. And it seems that the way to do it is prescription medicines. Now there's some controversy about these prescription medicines and I want to go through that process. Well, let me tell you that first you can use non prescription medicines to deal with the inflammatory process, particularly if you catch like. So in my email, and we did a video in which I described a variety of nutritional supports, which helps to keep your body's resistance up to help you viral infection. Recommendations now is that if you begin to feel ill with even mild symptoms of fever, aches and pain, coughing, shortness of breath, then you need to increase certain things in your nutritional program in addition to what I said you want. So I told you to take vitamin D, but I wanted you to take with the onset of infection, higher doses 50,000 units a day for four days, zinc 30 milligrams a day. But you should take a twice a day with the beginning of this illness process. The colostrum instead of taking whey you should increase it to twice a day with the tumeric instead of once a day twice a day is doubling the doses of vitamin C you should be taking at least 1500 milligrams twice a day and vitamin A 5000 units twice a day. Then I write this all down for you so you don't have to worry about it. Remember, melatonin, five milligrams at bedtime, very important immune booster, other immune boosters are herbal that you should take right away. The first sign of infection would be the struggle is 500 milligrams twice a day and elda 250 milligrams twice a day. I would also add nitric oxide support which is very important to keep the inflammation down in the endothelial lining in the arteries and the bronchial tubes in the nasal passages. And so nitric oxide support my favorite one is citra NOx by orthomolecular but there are other ones that are very good too. So these are all things you want to take right at the beginning of the infection. Don't wait. Take it early on. If after three days you Don't feel like you're making a lot of progress and feeling better and better every day. Then you need to call your doctor couldn't be made or whoever is your, your your medical doctor and say you want to get on the hydroxychloroquine Xetra myosin in high doses of zinc.

We find that when you take these medicines early on, it keeps the inflammation down and let your body deal with the virus much much easier. And the incidence of hospitalizations are much, much less. The the two studies that I have read most recently, one study was a physician in New York State, one row where there was 699 patients that this doctor treated with Coronavirus. And he gave them all the hydroxychloroquine sets or mice and zinc early on. And he got nobody who died. And nobody who got very, very sick. And there was a few people went into hospital with ordinary pneumonia and responded well to antibiotics. The other study that just came out was 1000 patients in France who were treated with the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. And we found that for patients of the 1000 died and for patients were very sick on ventilators but got well. What they noticed in that France study is that the people who got very sick or lunch or a certain kind of blood pressure pill, ie angiotensin re uptake inhibitor is a blood pressure pill along with the the ACE inhibitors, these are kinds of blood pressure medicines that will have certain effects, but the effects are that it blocks the body's ability to reduce this inflammatory response. And these are people who are likely to end up with major problems of the respiratory illnesses, they'll be going to the hospital. So I want to leave you with a understanding that you want to continue to take these medicines that I recommended a week or so that are natural new boosters for everybody. And if you do get sick, take this new medicines that are that the new doses of things and the new herbs that will immediately improve your immune system. And then after three days if you're not getting a lot better, call your doctor and get yourself on this hydrocodone hydroxychloroquine Jethro Meissen high dose sink. So that's it for now. I wish you all the stay well and healthy. And I look forward to good things happening in the coming weeks. Nice talking with you. Bye now.

Michael J Grossman MD

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