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Dr. Michael Grossman shares updates on Covid-19 and recommendations on how to stay safe. You may view the YouTube video here.

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Good evening, I'm Dr. Michael, aging physician. I wanted to present to you updates on the Coronavirus. I've given you some information

about things to do to help to avoid Coronavirus causing serious illness. And one of the big updates we have is that we've had a lot of new research on how important vitamin D is. I've suggested you take an average of 5000 I use a day of vitamin D. And that's going to be very important. And the research shows that higher levels of vitamin D which would occur at the 5000 level very important to reducing the serious side effects of the Coronavirus. So everyone should be taking approximately 5000 items a day. And after about four months of taking it, you should get a blood level and make sure your levels aren't going to go too high to make sure you're really absorbing it so that you're getting a reasonable level 55 is an ideal level below 30 is not good if you get it above 85 and going a little bit too high.

So that's vitamin d3, very important to take that. Second thing. It's very clear now from the research that

touching objects is not how you get the Coronavirus. It's spread through the air droplets. And they don't seem to be a big factor on things we thought maybe it was and people are really into cleaning your things and all these objects that you touch. And live that long on things.

There's a value to wiping off door knobs and things you touch frequently. you're sharing things with other people who you don't know and you're just that's there's a value to clean off. But it's not spread that much who touch it's mainly spread through the droplets, droplets from the saliva droplets that you can put into the air and it stays in the air. So that's the value of the mass. And so that's why we find out that yes, it's a good idea. If you're in an enclosed area indoors, shopping is a value to wearing a mask so that you don't spread to other people and other people don't spread it to you.

Now along with that, we find that

the the spread through the air doesn't happen very much outdoors. Because the studies show clearly that the sun will through the ultraviolet rays kill the virus in just a minute or so. So it does dogs very long. So that's why going to the beach walking in a park

doesn't really de virus is not going to be there.

Unless you have a lot of people in a very enclosed area. It's a very safe place to be outdoors. And the research shows that people were indoors constantly have a higher likelihood of spreading it to each other because the virus is there and if one gets it, others are going to get it. So being outdoors is a good thing. If it's not a lot of people in a very, very small area.

If you're in a very small area, this is a problem and it will continue to be a problem to have a lot of people in an enclosed area would be it will be a problem and so that we don't know exactly how we're going to deal with that in the future.


children, children are

now not seeming to spread the Coronavirus.

It's been a surprise that how little children are affected rarely do they get infected with some odd kind of autoimmune problem from Coronavirus. But for the most part, they don't get sick from it. And they don't seem to spread to other people. So the whole idea of keeping kids out of school is not making a lot of sense at this time. Because young children below the age of 15 don't seem to be spreading the Coronavirus to other people

and therefore it should be fine to let them go to school. And that doesn't seem like they're going to come back and affect the grandparents doesn't seem to happen.

We all find a majority of

people getting sick are

The elderly, the elderly who have a lot of other complexities in their medical life. They're the ones who get to Coronavirus and they die. So that's what's been very important is to try to figure out how to protect people in nursing homes, people who are very elderly, so that we're working on that and that's something that that has to be looked at as very high priority.

Now the things that I told you before to do for Coronavirus I continue to tell you to do, you should be taking anti inflammatory things like things with tumeric. Very, very helpful to calm down the immune system to take immune boosters, collagen type products. We talked about a variety of them in my last

last podcast. So I told you to take immune boosters of colostrum, their various kinds of colostrum type osel and

itG protect, very, very helpful to keep the immune system boosted up and working in a maximum way. So those are the important things we see with the Coronavirus. I still believe that it's very important to if you are more than two days sick with a fever, not getting better starting to feel ill. It's critical. At that point you need to go to your doctor and get some kind of a prescription treatment to help you over it. Once you get really sick, where you're short of breath. Then you got to think about going to the hospital. And I will I will mention to people that I do think that now finally when we're opening up the hospitals, it's important that you go to the hospital. The likelihood of you dying from getting the Coronavirus from the hospital, generally speaking is much much less from dying from not getting treatment for cancer, for a stroke, for appendicitis for diabetes being out of control or or any other illness that you would normally go to the hospital for you don't want to not go to the hospital emergency room out of fear of the Coronavirus, Coronavirus. Most of the time is not going to kill you. It may give you a little blue book kind of a feeling. But there's less than 1/10 of 1% of people who get really really sick from the Coronavirus. Whereas if you're having a heart attack or you having a stroke, that's like life threatening you want to get that you know is a lot of people die from that 50% of people could die from not getting proper treatment. So, you go to the hospital when you need it. Go to the emergency room, go to the urgent cares Take care of yourself when you need to put it off.

In my office now i'm open for for all kinds of treatments either in person or through telehealth. So you're welcome to come and visit me there. The office is 949-222-0232. It's a pleasure to talk with you and look forward to speaking to you again. Thanks so much.


Michael J Grossman MD

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