Are you free to heal your body? Issues in Stem Cell availability

Dr. Michael Grossman talks about the controversial issues about anti-aging medicine. The most contoversial now is the use of your own body's stem cells to see if you are allowed to use them to repair your own body. Listen in as Dr. Grossman explains further about it. YouTube video here.

Welcome to the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well known anti aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best selling author and founder of the OC wellness clinic in Irvine, California. Each week, he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best. So you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

I'm Dr. Michael Grossman. I'm an anti aging physician. It's a pleasure to talk to you today about some of the controversial issues in anti aging medicine. I've been doing this kind of work since 2003. And the most controversial area now is the usage of your own body's stem cells. To see if you're allowed to actually use them to repair your own body, it gets kind of interesting with the FDA, there's a lot of complexity there. The FDA does not like the idea that an individual will use their own stem cells to repair their own body if those stem cells are removed from your body, and then put in another part of your body. The complexity is interesting, legally and philosophically. Now let's let's go over what stem cells are in your own body, whenever there's an injury, the body will send out a signal to please bring in stem cells repair this part of your body. The the the signal can be various sometimes it's just the platelets in the blood that create a blood clot to create a matrix and then send out a signal please repair this injuries injury to skin or or or tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, whatever it is, the signal goes out the stem cells are smart, they go in and repair that part of your body. And, and bring it back to New. So that is part of the the magic of stem cells. I've written a book on the magic of stem cells and we've gotten great results with using your own stem cells to repair whatever part of your body has been injured. Now there are different ways that we can obtain stem cells from your own body to create this repair mechanism. One mechanism is to take it from your bones, the bone marrow has a lot of stem cells in it that gradually diminish over your aging time. And then as you get older, they don't work as well, because there's not so many of them left because they've been so busy multiplying and creating your blood cells, white blood cells and red blood cells. Now, the the other mechanism we can use is from your own fat, the fat contains stem cells, and then they're sort of like sleeping, they're dormant, they're not moving at all, they're not replicating. But when the signal comes in as an injury, they're released from the fat and they go ahead and repair whatever has to be done. And these stem cells can be very, very useful because they haven't been multiplied many, many times they just been lying there dormant. And the numbers of stem cells from the fat doesn't seem to go down over the years that stays rigorous, and it stays the numbers of these cells stay much more constant. And the FDA says Well, we don't like the idea that you're taking stem cells from fat and you're going to put them somewhere else, such as into the skin or into a joint or into a tendon or ligament or intravenously to go into the brain, the heart, the lungs, wherever they go. They don't like that idea. So there's this big controversy and the FDA says oh, you can't do it. And the group that I work with the cell surgical network is in this lawsuit for about two years now. And the FDA usually wins their lawsuits automatically. But there's been a recent change over the last six months where the FDA has been told that they cannot arbitrarily say they're the only ones who know how to interpret the law. That they have to now argue in court to be able to show a judge that their interpretation is the correct one. And that creates a problem for the FDA because they may lose this lawsuit. Because, you know, they these stem cells are supposed to leave the fat and go into all parts of the body and repair it. So how can we say that it's not They got to do it. Well, there's some other controversies, we use a little bit of an enzyme to dissolve the stem cell, collagen, fat matrix and so that the stem cells can be released. And then we, we wash out the enzyme, the FDA says, well, then we're manipulating stem cells. So there's a little controversy there. But that is the essence of what is going on in this big lawsuit. That's supposed to be decided may 2021, when we'll see when it gets decided. We don't know. And the other issue that comes up for the FDA is that the FDA says that they're going to decide in May of 2021. And just arbitrarily rule on whether you can use stem cells from umbilical cords from babies. So in babies, newborn babies, there are many, many stem cells in the umbilical cord in the amniotic fluid. And then you can use these cells to inject into people who are not the babies. So you're taking stem cells from a non autologous sauce, it's not your own stem cells and has some DNA, that meat that's not yours, and maybe you might get some allergic reaction, sensitively reactions, or some funny reactions, autoimmune reactions later. And so that's another controversy. So they've been doing these different procedures for quite some years. And occasionally, there are some problems usually works out great. But that's a complexity that the FDA says we're going to make this ruling, and we're going to decide whether you can do this or not. And that's a big, big issue that, you know, will have to mean to be decided as to what happens now, these stem cells from newborn babies, these are not, these are not stem cells from aborted fetuses. These are normal babies who are born, you take the mother's placenta and umbilical cord and throw it out. But now instead of throwing it out, we're using them. So morally, it's not an issue. But the question will be what the FDA says is legally allowed to be used. So that's another big issue. Now we have a whole new arena of things that the FDA will be deciding on to is that the area of exosomes, so exosomes is a much newer area of study of these repair processes that are available. So we can take from newborn babies, exosomes, which means from the amniotic fluid or from the umbilical cord, we can take growth factors without actually having any stem cells in it. If it has stem cells in it, the stem cells will produce the growth factors and we can separate them out and just take growth factor. So growth factors are exosomes. exosomes are a little vesicles. They're not actually cells, there's no DNA in them. They just have just like platelets are in the blood. They're not a cell, they just are a vesicle has a membrane around it. And it has all kinds of factors that cause clots and cause repair. These vesicles don't cause clots, they just have repair factors in them, they have a membrane around them, it's an intelligent membrane that allows that vesicle to move into different areas where there's injury and repair it and release all these repair signals. And so exosomes are a very exciting area of medicine now, where we can use without having DNA, we can just use the repair, signaling to help people who otherwise won't repair. In your own body, the older you get, the harder it is to repair ligaments, tendons, joints have very little blood supply. And therefore when you get injury and wear and tear, there's not much signaling to repair that it just gradually wears out over time. And that's a big problem for for us as we grow older. So not these exosomes are as a whole new arena of possibly repairing your body without any side effects. And we've been using them now for several years. And we're very excited about the benefits that we see from these exosomes. Now, we'll have to see what the FDA has to say about that. And so these are rulings that are going to come down here now and we'll wait and see just how it develops. In the meantime, I'm happy to work with with patients and create repair processes using these new signaling exosomes or using your own intelligent stem cells from your own fat. And the kind of thing that we've see we've done it on 10s of 1000s of patients in the group I work with the cell surgical network group We find that that we get 80% of the people who use their own body fat. Stem Cells are very happy with the repair of their knees, their shoulders, their hips, very happy with repair, have kidney problems, lung problems, brain problems. And, and we just don't find any side effects from it. The exosomes are newer, we seem to think that we get about the same kind of results in terms of you get better from it. 80% of the time, people are very happy. And the people are happier, not just people who are just looking to feel more youthful, though that happens to just people. So I want to just feel more energy and want to feel better. But people who've been told, hey, you need to have surgery, your knees, your hips, your shoulders, whatever are beyond repair, and you need to have surgery, 80% of them are very happy with the repair process. We also can use these same procedures to repair sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and women. And we find that 80% of them feel really, really better from these procedures. So we're happy to do it. We'll wait and see what the FDA has to say and what the courts decide. It's a very exciting time. I enjoy my work. But it certainly has its excitement. And so if any of you are interested, you're welcome to call my office and get more information about this, the offices, phone number 949-222-0232. You go to my website, which is OC, oc And you can get a lot of information about all these different things. That's OC wellness calm. You can also go to OC wellness stem talking all about the stem cell processes. Well, it's a pleasure to talk with you. I hope to have good news for you and may 9 2021. And it's a pleasure to talk with you. Thanks so much.

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