Aging Gracefully Meditation an Effortless Way to Health

Dr. Michael Grossman discuss and shares the effects of stress hormones to your body and how to avoid it or heal through mediation. YouTube video here.

Welcome to the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman, the well known anti aging stem cell and regenerative medicine specialist, best selling author and founder of the OC wellness clinic in Irvine, California. Each week, he shares the latest information to help you look and feel your best. So you age gracefully. And here's your host, Dr. Michael Grossman.

I'm happy to be with you and look at aging gracefully. As a anti aging doctor, I love to teach people how to be healthy, happy and to feel youthful. In today's world, a stress is like a huge problem for people. And when you're under a lot of stress, it impacts your physiology in many ways, making you imbalanced, creating issues with hormones that go up and down stress hormones. Creating issues with blood pressure issues with stomach upsets, issues with headaches, issues with muscle spasm. These are huge problems that build up over time. And if you continue to feel stressed over a period of weeks and months, eventually what happens is your physiology begins to change. And you start having high levels of stress hormones that stay there cortisol and other stress hormones, they stay high. And when they stay high, you begin to then feel anxious and irritable. And you get all these other problems, high cholesterol, more problems with issue with high blood pressure. And all kinds of stomach upsets and so on, it's becomes a big problem to stress. In over time, when the stress level stays high, you then get a lowering of the stress hormones where you just feel tired all the time. So you move from feeling stressed and irritable and anxious to just feeling depleted. And when you're feeling depleted. When anything happens, that upsets you even a little bit, you just fall apart, get emotional, and you just feel like you just can't go on. This is all avoidable. Now when people come in to treat me, yes, I can help you with all these issues. And I can give you various natural remedies that will help to make you feel better. But you need to have a process whereby you can dissolve stress. Now most people don't solve stress through sleeping. Sleep is critical when you're sleeping healthily. And deeply. You can dissolve stress from the day before and you feel better. If you don't sleep for a day or two, you feel terrible. If you sleep for an hour or two here and there, you can barely function the next day. When stress starts to build up, you may find that even sleep doesn't seem to get rid of the stress, it's sort of just continues to build up and sleep only releases some of the stress but not enough of it. So what can we do, we can learn meditation, because meditation dissolve stress, even deeper than sleeping. So when you meditate, you get quieter and quieter and quieter and you get much quieter than even when you're sleeping. And that the deep peacefulness allows the body to dissolve the deep, deep stresses that have accumulated. And this is a physiological as well as a psychological process. It's not just psychological. It's not just like hypnosis, it affects the physiology because your brain and your body are deeply connected. When when people sleep, the brainwaves get a little bit different, a little bit quieter, and the body gets a little bit quieter. When you meditate, the brainwaves get much, much, much quieter, and the body gets much, much quieter. So the quality of stress release is much, much deeper than it is when you're just sleeping. So meditating on a daily basis is critical to the experience of wellness long term. Now the question will be then, well what kind of meditation should you do? There are many different kinds of meditation and each kind of meditation has a value. I've taught meditation for 40 years, and I've taken people from all walks of life who've never meditated before to people who tried to meditate and never could meditate the people who've been meditating. All along. And when you come to my meditation classes, whatever category you're in, you will have the deepest meditations that you've ever experienced. And if you feel like you cannot meditate, right, everybody who comes to my class to meditate finds that, wow, this was really, really good. So we have some special guidelines that we give out to meditators to make the meditation effortless. So one of the guidelines is no effort is allowed, you're not allowed to try to meditate. Now, for some people, it takes a little while to learn how to not to try out how to be effortless, but I teach you that it's not that difficult. And I teach you how to float off into this peaceful place where you feel you're connecting to something much bigger than what you usually experience as yourself. You experience yourself as a unbounded inner awareness that's so peaceful, so big, that it just floods you with a sense of peace. And this is possible for anybody. we meditate. It takes about 20 minutes to go through the meditation process. And everybody experiences is so deeply profound, and the end changes their experience of being alive. I encourage you all to come to my classes to meditate. The classes are Tuesday, excuse me on Thursday at 7:30pm. And Sundays at 12:30pm. We do it over zoom. So you don't have to come anywhere you just turn on the zoom. We have a link you can go to which is www.dr Michael meditation secrets with an SSD. Dr. Michael meditation you go there, you can sign up, there's no charge. It's a delightful thing to do. I love doing it for my patients. I love doing it for my friends. Come to the classes online, it will change your life guaranteed. There's so much research on the value of meditation of how it affects your physiology, how it changes your health, your likelihood to get illnesses and disease greatly go down when you meditate. So come and be a part of the classes. It will be a delight to have you there. And I look forward to meeting you. Thanks so much.

Thank you for watching the age gracefully show with Dr. Michael Grossman. Join us next week for another informative discussion. To help you age gracefully. Be sure to visit us at oc 


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